All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread


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Nov 22, 2019
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MN knows what kind of kid than can expect to resonate with. It is time for the U to finish what we started back in the early 60s as THE Big Ten school of inclusiveness.


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Feb 11, 2016
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I meant to post about this more than a week about but have been busy and just forgot. Ryan James put out an episode of "Talk Gopher Buckets" and talked quite a bit about the 2022 class and how fantastic he thinks it is locally. He stressed how importan Holloman is as a recruit to Minnesota and made comparisons to the Jones kids especially in being a winner and the fact that the other guys love to play with him. He didn't say it directly but the implication was if you get Holloman you get other local kids. Another PG they have offered that is interested is Lipsey from Ames, Iowa. He's playing with D1 Minnesota ( I think) and sounds like he's played well too. I wasn't really clear if Eli King is considered a PG by Ryan or not but, like many others, Ryan guesses he'll likely choose basketball and he's been impressive as well. On the wing, Heide has been injured but he and another kid I can't remember are options there. Perhaps most interestingly was the discussion on Hurlburt from North Dakota who Ryan thinks will be a top 40 prospect at some point in his recruitment and have offers from everywhere. Supposedly he loves Minnesota and the Twin Cities and his brother had a great time here as a student. Reading between the lines the implication was getting an early commitment before he completely blows up would be ideal. He also mentioned Ahjany Lee and someone else as guys who have a lot of potential and could become high major guys. Take it with a grain of salt, but Ryan's big takeaway was there were multiple good options at every level (guard/wing/big) for the Gophers just between Minnesota/North Dakota/Iowa in 2022.

I also found interesting Ryan's experience travelling to watch these teams play in the era of COVID-19. I don't want to derail this thread with talk about that, but you'll hear it later in the episode if you listen.
I listened to this podcast a couple weeks ago as well.

I'm in comlete agreement on Holloman. I know his national ranking isn't as high as the Jones brothers or Suggs, but I think he's in that tier. By all accounts, he's an influencer type recruit who could help you bring in other guys - similar to the way McKinley Wright was viewed during his recruitment. He's not a must get in the sense that there's no such thing as a must get, and there are other decent PG options, but I'd be prioritizing him in a huge way - I'm encouraged that it seems like they are. Tamin Lipsey is a top-150ish guy who RJ said has some interest here too. Would be nice perhaps in the ever-ongoing effort to turn the tide of friendship with that D1 MN program.

The depth in the 2022 class locally is very good. Heide, Aligbe, King and Blue are all top-150 level swingmen and Hurlburt (counting him as a local given Enderlin's location and his affiliation with D1) is a skilled big.

To top it off, the program is set up to have a bunch of scholarships for 2022 - so it's a massive class for Pitino assuming he's allowed to see that class through. There's a realistic shot that you've got at least five scholarships in that class.

Get Holloman/Lipsey, one of Heide/Aligbe, one of King/Blue, Hurlburt and Nnaji/Lee and you're cooking with gas.
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