All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread


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Jan 21, 2009
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It says all things 2020 recruiting and certainly how other conference teams recruit affects how the Gophers recruit. Mods can decide, your not the board police. Some fans follow college basketball with a wide lens, some only one team all the time.
You know damn well it's about Gophers recruiting. That has been the case every year. There literally is not one other poster who comes in these threads to post totally random shit about recruits the Gophers were never even looking at
Oh, I don't know maybe yet another B1G school landing a higher ranked recruit than the Gophers? Maybe Rutgers (RUTGERS) keeping a top 50 kid home is relevant considering the Gophers failed to keep a bunch of kids in this class home? Seems pretty relevant to the discussion.

Not paying attention to notes like this is how we get uninformed posters who act like Pitino losing Coffey was a valid excuse for the terrible performance this year or that the Gophers are somehow bringing in talent in the 2020 class that will move them up the ladder.
No, its not relevant to Gophers recruiting - unless you have an agenda and are trying to continue to push negativity. I don't see people in here posting every commit that another Big Ten school gets. That has not ever been the point of these threads. Nice try though.


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Feb 24, 2014
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I don't mind updates from other B1G schools being put on here. The majority of it stays Gopher related, but it's important for us to watch how other teams are developing their rosters and we still continue to add to ours.
At least it's about recruiting! The martice mitchell thread is about Wisconsin recruiting white guys!
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