All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

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The Gophers have already had a visitor from the 2020 recruiting class at one of their games. This thread will capture tweets, articles, video, analysis and more of Gophers 2020 recruiting.


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In his latest Scoops Podcast, Doogie said that East Ridge freshman Ben Carlson was a guest of the Gophers at the Penn State game.

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Suggs will be a top10 national recruit. He's 6-foot-3, solid build, explosive, good outside shot, he's incredible for a 14-year-old.

He's already thinking one-and-done though, so I doubt he (more his camp at this point) is thinking Gophers.

Ben Carlson is a really intriguing player. 6-foot-8, good skills. Can handle the ball, step away and looks comfortable out on the floor. Looks like a perfect 4-man at the Division I level. Obviously a lot of projecting there but he's a kid I'd be really intrigued by if I'm the Gophers.

Suggs has a couple of teammates as well with Kaden Johnson and Terry Locket that are worth keeping tabs on as well. Johnson is 6-foot-3 and solidly built - again for a 14-year-old - with a solid skillset.

The 2020 class looks like it'll be very good. Eden Prairie has a couple of kids that might not ultimately be Big 10 players but I wouldn't be surprised if they got to that point. Blaise Beauchamp from Hopkins is a sniper and would be worth watching as well.

That's just MN of course.

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Class of 2020? You sure you didn't mean 1920? We should take a look at this guy.

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2020 Rochester Mayo twins Mason and Gabe Madsen highlights from this past weekend. Playing for Wisconsin Playground Warriors

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Dawson Garcia at Rock Springs Classic last weekend

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Prior Lake's Dawson Garcia received his first two scholarship offers this week from Texas and Baylor.

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