All Things 2019-2020 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread


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Nice road win for the Wolves at Utah, this was Utah's first home loss of the season.

KAT with 29 & 13. Kelan Martin with 14 & 6 and a +17 +/-.

Howl Wolves!!


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While the T-Wolves came into Salt Lake City losers of their previous two games by at least 20 points and without their No. 2 scorer, forward Andrew Wiggins who was out due to illness, they outplayed Utah down the stretch to win their fifth road game of the young season by a score of 112-102.
Minnesota center Karl-Anthony Towns led all scorers with 29 points to go along with 13 rebounds, while Bojan Bogdanovic topped Utah with 18 points.
Jazz forward/center Jeff Green (11 points) said Utah’s inability play good defense late in the fourth quarter or score was the big difference in the outcome of the game.

“We didn’t get stops and we didn’t make shots,” he said in the locker room after the game. “That’s typically what happens. They got the lead and they made plays. Credit to them.”..

Though disappointed in defeat, Green said the chance for retribution comes in the very next game in Minneapolis against these same T-Wolves.
“We competed. We always bring our A game. We’re always there to compete, but things didn’t go our way tonight. That’s basketball,” he said. “We’ve got another one Wednesday (against Minnesota) and I’m really, really positive we’re going to be ready Wednesday.



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As we know, Teague kills ball movement. He hasn't changed his style to fit the new system. It's great that the wolves are putting up forty 3's a night, but very few of them will be good looks if they aren't preceded by rapid passes. Utah's 3's were much more open than ours last night because they move the ball. Teague holds the ball too long and it stagnates the offense.
As we know, Teague kills ball movement. He hasn't changed his style to fit the new system. It's great that the wolves are putting up forty 3's a night, but very few of them will be good looks if they aren't preceded by rapid passes. Utah's 3's were much more open than ours last night because they move the ball. Teague holds the ball too long and it stagnates the offense.
Was there last night. Teague sucked all of the energy out of the play on the court. He is such an every other game type of player.


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Ryan Saunders uses Wolves' timeouts to get players rested and reorganized

Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders has seven timeouts to use during the course of a game, and there is a method to how he wants to use them.

As one might assume, Saunders uses some of his timeouts to try to stop an opponent’s run.

But Saunders uses a few of them per game solely to steal some rest at opportune times for his players. This goes hand in hand with the analytical approach the Wolves are taking toward every facet of the organization, even down to how Saunders uses his timeouts.

“On the road it might be a little bit different where you try to save an extra timeout to stymie a run,” Saunders said. “Then, I try to save an extra timeout before I lose it in the fourth quarter to possibly [rest] a guy like [Karl-Anthony Towns] and Andrew [Wiggins], a higher-minutes player who might be playing over 10 minutes at one time.”

The Wolves have data that can analyze how players respond as their minutes increase. So if Saunders wants them to keep playing at a high level, he has to find as much rest during the game as he can. It’s also why, when looking at the Wolves’ top players, they are playing fewer minutes than they were under Tom Thibodeau. Wiggins clocks the most at 34.6 per game — that ranks just 19th in the league. Towns is at 32.8 (No. 43). That total could be higher if not for foul trouble that has depressed Towns’ overall minutes in some games.

Howl Wolves!!


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Are the Wolves a legitimate playoff contender, or is their start a mirage?

It’s a good time to stop and ask the question: Are the Wolves really a legitimate contender for a playoff spot, or is this better-than-expected start to the season a mirage? To do that, let’s weigh some of the good and the bad.

Three signs point to yes, this is sustainable

1 The Wolves have survived stretches without key players.

Sure, every team is going to have to survive at times without important players. But the Wolves have already had to deal with Karl-Anthony Towns missing two games for a suspension, Andrew Wiggins missing three games for personal reasons/illness and four games during which neither of their top two point guards were available.

The KAT and Wiggins absences are particularly big given that before last season, they had combined to miss just ONE game in their entire careers (and even last year they only missed 14 combined — five for KAT and nine for Wiggins). They went 1-1 without Towns, 2-2 without a preferred point guard and 1-2 without Wiggins. Their record might be even better had they been closer to full strength.

2 They’re taking the right kinds of shots, and they will make them more going forward.

A full 71.2% of Wolves shots are coming either at the rim or from three-point range, a dramatic improvement from last season (60.3%).

Yeah, the bad news is that the Wolves are shooting just 31.3% from three-point range (No. 27 in the league) and and dead last in three-point percentage when their shooters are wide open (30.9%).

But that’s actually good news in the context of room to improve and sustainability of success. They’re winning despite not shooting the lights out from long distance, and if they nudge closer to league average (35.3% this season) from three, they will add points every game.

3. The West maybe isn’t as daunting as it seemed.

It’s early, but we can draw some hard conclusions and guess about some others. Golden State, for instance, is awful. The Warriors went from perennial championship favorites to “likely 45-50 win team” to lottery-bound with a string of bad luck. They are the worst team in the West, at least until Stephen Curry gets back.

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per STrib:

Ryan Saunders’ excitement has been growing for the looming matchup between his former school, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Saunders and Gophers coach P.J. Fleck are good friends.

“I was just texting with Heather, P.J.’s wife, because I want to make sure to give him some space right now,” Saunders said. “I know it’s a big one. I’m rowing the boat. They got our full support.

Saunders and the Wolves are in talks with ESPN currently to see what kind of role Saunders may have on ESPN's "College GameDay," which is coming to campus. The Wolves do have a practice scheduled for noon Saturday.

“I’m hoping that it works out timing-wise where I at least get to be around for part of the festivities … ” Saunders said. “We love them and I love what [Fleck] is doing. He’s a great ambassador for the U of M.”



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Wolves break an 11 game losing streak at San Antonio, we finished really strong the last 4-5 minutes.

We are now 7-2 on the road, our best road start in franchise history.

Howl Wolves!!
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Wiggs is making a lot of people eat crow.

Me currently: Tastes like chicken...
Don't you mean, tastes like squirrel?
Not really. He's been bad for years. His current level of play should make him tradeable though. Let's get rid of him now while we can get something good in reurn.
I have been brutal in regard to Wiggins in the past, but he has been really good overall this season. Playing defense, passing the ball, not dribbling off of his feet, etc. With that said though....he is still untradable. Maybe next year if he continues.
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