2 Season tickets availbe for next season + future seasons


Section 246 Row 4
Nov 20, 2008
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I've got 2 full season tickets available for next season. The people who had been buying these seats from me decided not to renew this season. They are great seats, Section 16, row 15 in the $200 donation seating section, but directly across the aisle from the $300 section. These seats have a great view of the end the Gophers shoot on twice. You will get to watch a great team, and have a great view.

Just looking for what I pay the U $750 per seat +$200 donation per seat so $950 total per seat = $1900 for the pair for the season.

If you buy these seats, you will have full right of refusal for future seasons. I have four seats, and can only use two, but want to keep the seats in the family.

PM me, or e-mail at yorka05@gmail.com if you are interested. You won't want to miss the future of this team!
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