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    Jacob Knuth Commits!

    2023 starter; Championship!
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    Bateman opts out

    He came bacl and gave us a shot this year and the season hasn't gone our way. Don't think anybody believes he would be going now if we were in NW's position but at this point we aint in NW's position. Thanks for coming back and giving the Gophers another try, good luck next year in NFL. I...
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    Which SEC school should Big Ten fans adopt? A fan's guide for 2020 (Minnesota: Florida)

    Go Iowa State! ISU playing this season means only harm and no benefit to the Hawkeyes. Ditto Pitt and Penn State.
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    Current Scholarship Numbers

    Looks like PJ is going to have a heaping plate full of difficult conversations for breakfast
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    Geriatrics at the game

    This is what 50 years of crap football brings......people complaining that fans are standing too much.
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    Wisconsin Game Line Predictions?

    I'm guessing Gophers -1.5
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    PJ Fleck to another program

    Last posting was from 2017 so I thought I'd start another, seems relevant as national radio shows have brought it up. Fleck would only leave for an upgrade, not a lateral move. That leaves only a few possible programs for 2020, and even that is iffy. Tennessee: Really an upgrade??? USC...
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    Game Time for Wisconsin

    Is the gametime announced a week ahead of time?? Any chance of another night game?? Got a lot of tickets/family/travel/Thanksgiving to coordinate, anything better than a pure guess at what the gametime will be is appreciated.
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    Why do Gophers stink so bad this year?

    I am not a hard-core hockey fan but I do watch all televised Gopher hockey games. Nice road sweep of OSU but it won't get them within a sniff of the Tournament. So..... the question is Why Do the Gophers Stink So Bad? It's supposed to be one of the premier programs in the nation but is a...
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    Thomas Hamner Thanksgiving

    Anyone got an update on Thomas Hamner? Last I could find he was living on the streets as of ~2012.
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    44% freshman BS

    So what school doesn't have 44% of their football team as freshman or redshirt freshman?
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    Cue Toby Keith's: How Do You Like Me Now

    Demry!!! BIG10 Offensive Player of the Week. Suck it all you haters
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    Chair vs. Bell

    We already have four trophy games. That is too many. The Bell trophy with Pedophile State is a joke dreamed up by some administrative dweeb when PSU joined the Big 10. We have no ties to PSU historically or otherwise and no one has any interest in developing any. Especially with their less...
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    OSU O-line

    I know they lost a senior starter about half way through the game.....but they stink. Or has the Gophers D-line suddenly transformed into monsters? I have to go with the more obvious answer.
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    Arkansas loses on blocked FG

    Please, please, please Santa, back-to-back games against Wisconsin and Beleima.
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    Who hates Iowa?
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    Pathetic season

    What a travesty this team is, can Lucia.
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    Northwestern has NEVER made the NCAA tournament. Nebraska has always been lousy and joined the Big10 for football reasons. Ditto for Penn State. Rutgers sucks at everything and happily grabbed the Big10 invitation. Guess which teams and ONLY which teams Pitino managed to finish in front of...
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