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    Gabe to Iowa State

    I was just happy they added doors to the stalls of the bathrooms in the 1990’s. I loved the trough urinals like the metronome had. Can’t someone leave a space heater on in the winter and just burn the place down so we get some insurance proceeds?
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    I hope not this was supposed to be a top 3 big ten team with the chance of playing in the ncaa tournament.
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    Gabe in Portal

    Keeping Minnesota kids home....from the beginning this hire felt like a reach hoping to get Minnesota talent to stay home....good for Gabe to leave as he took a lot of heat last year some of it didn’t help that Carr played absolutely no defense leaving Gabe trying to help all the time.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    What a mess tonight was..Minnesota 1 run on 11 hits and gush left all over the bases...Iowa 7 runs on 3 hits...this season might be the end of John Anderson
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    All Things Cancel Culture

    Probably the same number of times as Lebron James and Hunter Biden.
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    Gas Prices - Post Election

    Yes let’s hurt low income people worse because they can’t afford to live where they work and need to drive there. I wonder if bus fares will have to increase too as the vast majority of buses are just diesel burners. That should keep people from moving even more.
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    Gabe in Portal

    It all changed when the 3 point line was moved back staring with the 2019-2020 season. I was on 1.75 inches but it has made a huge difference for him. 2018-2019 was the only year he shot the ball well and it happened to be his first year. 3 point shooting 2018-2019 = 41% 2019-2020 = 34%...
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    Gophers roster construction-expectations vs. reality

    It’s all about having scholarships available for 2022 cause that class is absolutely loaded. He needs to get at least 2 of the top guys from that class hopefully 3. Mix in some transfer guys this year that can actually SHOOT the ball and I’m happy.
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    Joe Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure & Jobs Plan

    The state of New York has a 45 cent gas tax on every gallon. Where does that money go? Why is it up to the federal government to maintain state and local roads. National interstates are one thing, but not state and local operated roads.
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    10 people killed in Colorado supermarket shooting, including a police officer

    I wasn’t there asshole so I don’t know who shot him in the leg. I also would not have cared if the cops had shot and killed him in the store. For all i know someone that was not a cop shot in in the leg. This cop is damn lucky to be alive after his interaction with this women and he tried...
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    10 people killed in Colorado supermarket shooting, including a police officer

    I assume cause he was shot in the leg and the cops surrounded him. Would you prefer he just have been shot in cold blood by the cops. This is America and people are due their time in courts no matter how big of a POS they are. No different than the kids that blew up people at the Boston...
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    10 people killed in Colorado supermarket shooting, including a police officer

    The only possible way to end things like this happening is the super magnet. Every gun in the country must be removed using a super magnet. This would include all the guns that police use. That or a minority report where you can be convicted of future crimes without actually committing the crime.
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    10 people killed in Colorado supermarket shooting, including a police officer Trumps fault. If not for him the beautiful city of Chicago would...
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    All Things Cancel Culture

    I hear the replacement will be blazing saddles.
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    America’s Unequal Economic Recovery

    I honestly did not know driving for Uber was supposed to be a full time job. I always assumed is was a side hustle to offset your day job income. No one is forcing people to drive for Uber, go work for a taxi company and i bet your rates and fees are standard no matter your rating.
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    America’s Unequal Economic Recovery

    You don’t think societal changes have anything to do with that. In the Great Depression young Americans were hardly in the work force as they were working on their parents farms. Now young Americans are college educated and working, so of course they were more effected now that 90 years ago.
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    AP: Georgia massage parlor shootings leave 8 dead; man captured

    Then pass gun control. The dems have all the branches of the government so do it. If the Republicans filibuster them it will be national news every night and should help the dems in future elections.
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    Movies that hold up vs. those that don't

    Holds up...I like all of his movies although they are kinda the same music.
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    America’s Unequal Economic Recovery

    Government mandates and intervention in 2020 basically drove that income equality expanding. The government picked large corporations as winners in 2020 by allowing them to stay open and here we are. you know why companies like Amazon, Costco, and target pay such a high wage? They can afford to...
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    Culture War

    I didn’t say they didn’t all news does that very thing. It’s a giant problem that needs to be stopped. Just cause some anonymous person posted something on Twitter does not make it a controversial news story that needs to be covered.
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