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  1. goldybobblehead

    Gophers at the NFL Combine 41 Big Ten players going, but only Minnesota and Northwestern has 0. No other Big Ten team has fewer than 2. That's too bad. Hopefully Alford, Wills and others will have an opportunity to impress at Pro Days...
  2. goldybobblehead

    FREE student rush

    has this been posted yet? if the stadium doesn't fill, studentID holders can walk in free
  3. goldybobblehead

    NIU Coordinators not coaching bowl

    NIU announced who will be coaching the bowl. Looks Like both coordinators are coming to MN right away. I wonder how many more of that staff will be here after the bowl. Welcome Tracy Claeys and Matt Limegrover
  4. goldybobblehead

    Special Guest at game tonight

    according to twitter feed @goldengopherfb
  5. goldybobblehead

    Does the basketball season need an official beginning

    This article was an interesting read. It is true there isn't an opening weekend or day. I always thing of Midnight Madness as an unofficial start to the season. Does basketball need to create some hype by having a bigger splash to start the season...
  6. goldybobblehead

    Minnesota could have coach of the year

    undefeated so far! ranked number 1 team in division II <object height="250" align="middle" width="184" name="coy_bnr_184x250" data=" Nielson&division=II"><param name="quality" value="high"><param name="bgcolor"...
  7. goldybobblehead

    Goldy's Ride

    Goldy was cruising around on a motorcyle you can win if you eat at Arby's. I snapped this pic. While I liked the bike, I think I prefer Goldy on his little electric scooter with the flag on it. You decide.
  8. goldybobblehead

    Kole Konrad fights tonight

    This could be in "other sports" tab, but he is no longer a gopher so whatever. Kole is moving up the mixed martial arts scene and is already 5 - 0. This fight is for the Bellator Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals you can catch him tonight live on TV on FSN starting at 7pm. I remember...
  9. goldybobblehead

    The worst part of the game... Halftime show

    Did the USD band even play a tune? i just saw them walking around in not-so-straight lines for 5 minutes. Not really their fault, they didn't have enough people on the field and picked a quiet tune. I am looking forward to seeing TBDBITL this year, however. What? The Gophers lost? Oh yeah, that...
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