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    Question about oak street ramp

    I parked in the oak street ramp for Indiana state but for CSU it said "pass only". Is oak street pass only now? Also I am looking for 2 tickets and an oak street pass for rutgers. I could pick up downtown Minneapolis any day this week if someone is selling. I need easy in and out seats...
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    Northern iowa vs ndsu

    With no fbs games today it may feel a bit depressing this morning. But the ndsu v northern Iowa game should be outstanding. Feel free to discuss here.
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    Even Reusse says that last nights game was one of the greatest moments in Minnesota sports history. Hahahahahahaha. Love it!
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    Other Games Thread (Sat December 13th)

    No college football today?! Army Navy is worth watching though. Also the FCS playoffs I guess. Coastal Carolin at NDSU at 11AM on ESPN too.
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    Student Section Tickets is not offering seats in the student section to the public like they did last year. Assuming we have sold 3,500 student tickets (guess) I hope they either give away thousands of tickets or open them for sale to the public. I especially hope they do this for the Big Ten games.
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    Bowl game quality

    What do you think of the quality of play so far in this years bowls. I think with a couple exceptions it has sucked.
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