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    Congratulations, Gophers!

    I hope your bowl trip was fantastic for you all! I love the Tampa area (well, the greater Tampa area.) We are still licking our wounds in California. But, hey, we're in California, so there's that. It was wonderful seeing the sun set in the San Gabriel Mountains once again. I was starting...
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    Question regarding TCF policies

    Never mind - found into on website.
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    The Return of ruppert - or not?

    In honor of Axe Week, ruppert retuned to Buckyville. But then, someone else came on to say it was not ruppert. Such a dilemma - who to believe? Whatever, it is an amusing sideline to Axe Week. Thought you might get a kick out of it. Threads linked...
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    Question for Gopher fans

    I'm watching the Vikes play SD in TCF and wondered what the university is getting out of letting the Vikings play there. Did they fund any permanent capital improvements in TCF or the surrounding area? Does the U get the concession revenue? Or, is it strictly a rental amount per game? When...
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    I thought you'd like this post

    Even if it is from Buckyville. Raise your hand if at any point in your life you thought the Michigan program and athletic department would erupt into an epic dumpster fire from top to bottom following a thorough ass kicking in the Big House courtesy of Minnesota. Nice work, Gophers! And, you...
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    Congratulations, Gophers!

    And in their house, too. Party On!
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    Congrats, Gophers!

    Nice way to end the season.
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    Congrats on the win

    It's always fun to beat Nebraska. Good luck the rest of the way except for 11/23, of course!
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    OK, this isn't football, but this is the forum I post on and is too good not to share

    Suzy Favor Hamilton, the Olympian, successful business woman, and woman for whom the Best Female Big 10 Athlete is named (this will change shortly, I'm sure) has worked as a high class Vegas "escort" for the past year, for kicks. Deadspin link...
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    Congrats on Bowling again

    Iowa staying home must make it all the sweeter. Any idea of which bowl?
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    Apparently, Wisconsin and Minnesota are even more alike than we knew

    Given the deer-f**king obsession on this board, I can't believe no one jumped on this one (if you'll pardon the expression). Now, at least they used a condom for the goat, but given that it was dead, it seems like over-kill. Thank goodness, gophers and...
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    It's Axe Week, folks!

    A few links to get the juices flowing. [historical record] [infamous ChinaGopher chair leg posts]...
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    4 Frozen Four tickets for sale - Below Face

    Plus, you get to sit next to Monsignor and me! Section 330, Row T. $125 each Will bring to Tampa or can overnight mail, if enough time.
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    OK, I take it back - Syracuse situation

    I can't find the thread, but I remember posting about why more attention was being paid to PSU than the Syracuse situation. While that may have been true at the time - and the extent of the Syracuse cover-up, if any, isn't known - this article about a phone call between the abused kid (now 39)...
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    Saturday Weather?

    First off, it's so nice to have to ask what the weather forecast is before traveling to Minnesota for a college football game! I clearly recall watching games in the snow at Memorial Stadium (although the cold factor has probably dimmed over the years). Is there snow on the ground up there...
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    Welcome to Axe Week!

    As a public service, I am providing a link to what remains of the epic ChinaGopher report of physical assault, pools of blood, mysterious escapes, and chairlegs in eye sockets. To this day, the original thread was one of the funniest things I have ever read on the net. Enjoy...
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    Congratulations, Gophers!

    That was a great comeback win! Have fun celebrating a Halloween weekend with a win. Did the weather play a factor in the two missed FG by Iowa in the 1Q or did the guy just miss? Oh, and I think Floyd's gotten used to having that trophy case to himself, so you wouldn't want to scare him with...
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    Educated guesses on starting time for Minnesota-Wisconsin game?

    A local charity I am involved in has an annual Tailgate fundraiser for one of UW's away games. The Minnesota game looks like it will work out the best, assuming it is not at night (11a or 2:30 work well). Is there a chance this game would be at night or do you think we are safe with a day...
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    Question on kickers

    My boss' son is planning to try to walk-on as a kicker for the Gophers. He will be a freshman next fall and was a pretty decent HS kicker (I think his longest field goal was 45 or 47 yards) and has attended various camps on kicking. I believe he has sent film to the Gopher staff. What are the...
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    I take back every bad thing I may have ever said about Gopher fans

    Compared to MSU fans, Minnesota fans - even while suffering through the Punky Brewster era - are, for the most part, models of rationality. If you visit the RCMB, you will find posters recommending that MSU refuse a Cap One bid, add to an e-mail blast to change the Big 10 and/or BCS selection...
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