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    College Gameday Michigan game

    Hey all- Long time no posts... Do we have any idea when we will get word on a gametime? I also was under the understanding the Big Ten was leaving other days of the week in play (specifically Thursdays and Fridays) as they intentionally put out the schedule listing games as "week of"?
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    Planning on it. Actually not sure what is happening until later this afternoon?
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    Yep. All booked. Hotel and flight set, will be watching here for where gopher fans congregate.
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    Maybe corny, but RTB!!!

    I should have captioned this thread differently. I don’t think RTB is corny at all. I was referencing requiring my buddies to wear maroon or gold to enter my house today. That said, Row the Boat!!!
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    Maybe corny, but RTB!!!

    Okay all. I know this is super corny but after flying up for the Penn State game I have been dreaming about a possible gopher trip to Indy. That said, I have basically worked the last 4 days straight to prep my new house basement for my buddies and football this weekend. They are all IU or Notre...
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    This is happening.

    Just bought a flight. Land at 7:18 tonight direct from Indy. Absolutely nothing else planned. This seems right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For entertainment purposes only...

    Indiana recently legalized sports betting. Put in $25 and playing with house money. Anyone feel strongly on these “for entertainment only outside of legal betting areas” bets? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wait. How do I watch it Baylor goes into OT?

    I should know this. Where am I looking online? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Game times?

    Okay, I know this comes up every year but my lazy google search didn’t give me a clear answer. When can we expect a game time for Purdue? I am waiting on that to decide if I drive the 45 minutes to West Lafayette or get a room. Noon kick- definitely a room the night before. 3:30 kick- Probably...
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    See you tomorrow.

    Got our seats in section 110. Row 1 for tomorrow. Go Gophers. Where to meet before? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Illinois game

    Hey all. I know there are some other Indiana and Illinois based fans on here. Anyone else going to be in Champaign for the game Wednesday night? If so would love to meet up. Bringing my same buddy that went up to Detroit for the bowl game. He’s all brainwashed now. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone...
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    Check in. Made it to Detroit.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Roll Call!!! Tickets bought for Detroit!!!

    Just me and a couple buddies rowing the boat up from Indy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One game doesn’t make a season. Purdue roll call?

    Heading to West Lafayette next weekend. Hoping to meet up with some other Gopher fans. Who’s in? Been there before? Tips? I will just be driving up Saturday morning. Likely pretty early. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey all. Living near West Lafayette I will certainly be attending the game there with a group of buddies, none of which care about Purdue. (Not uncommon in these parts) Just wondering who else might be planning for that trip so I can meet up with some fellow Gopher fans. Look forward to hearing...
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    Not at TCF? Location roll call!!!

    Happy new season all. I lay pretty low out of season but excited to watch from afar. In Green Bay on business but live on the north side of the Indy metro. Streaming through BTN2GO. (For the long timers I was on here years ago as markymark98 long ago. Still missing a thumb... :-). ) Sent from...
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    Purdue game time?

    With Purdue the closest the Gophers will play to me this year I am considering going to the game on New Years Day. Does anyone know when the Big Ten will set that game time? The Purdue site still shows the time as TBD. Is there a set day to release times like there is for football? Sent from...
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    ILLINOIS road game

    Living in Indy Illinois is the easy trip for me this year. I will be going over with 2 buddies with no vested interest. One is a Auburn guy and the other wears the maize and blue. Regardless, they will be on team Minnesota for that weekend. Just got tickets in the first row of the corner of the...
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    IU Player Charged with Child Molesting

    IU's Kiante Enis charged with molesting These stories seem to keep coming with different Big Ten schools attached each time.
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    "Neutral Site" - Revenue question

    I know there has been speculation that the Goph's could end up playing a game at US Bank as part of a "neutral site" agreement, much like LSU and WI just finished in Houston and Green Bay. It is confirmed both teams got a specific payout for the game at Lambeau. $2.5 Million to LSU and $3...
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