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    Sunday Sports Huddle

    Will it ever return? Maxy?
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    Tu Tu Atwell

    He starred as a WR for the Gophers in the mid-90's. His son is a freshman at Louisville and caught a TD last night in their loss to Georgia Tech. Only 5' 9" and 156 lbs. Blazing speed. Wonder if he was on Fleck's radar? ** Sorry didn't see previous post **
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    Phillip Nelson

    Throws for 398 yards in a 52 - 7 win over Central Florida.
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    Nice Game For Marqueis Gay

    He made the tackle on the opening kickoff. Made at least three catches as wide/slot receiver. He blocked one defender right off the field. He was still playing in 4th qtr so he got a good look. s/b Marquis Gray
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    Gophers Who Played For Vikings

    Off hand I can only think of two - Marcus Sherels and Carl Eller. I am sure there are more. Only those that played in regular season games. It seems most with NFL careers played elsewhere. I was thinking of Doug Kingsrider but not sure if he was a Gopher.
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    What Became of Search Committees?

    Seems like the current process is a phone call - do you want to coach here? It has really become musical chairs this year. Do you think Tuberville not coaching the bowl game affects the outcome? How?
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    Mike Leach Article (long)

    The clock on the wall of Mike Leach’s office reads eleven p.m. He likes the deep night hours, when he is free of the constant demands of his job and can pursue his many intellectual interests, which include Apaches, sharks, whales, pirates, Australia, Daniel Boone, the tango, Wyatt Earp...
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