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    Play Calling

    All game long, the play calling was great. They could not stop us... then Fleck goes into the Run Run 3rd and Long play calling. Should have lost... Sorry but Fleck is clueless.
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    Gabe Hoffarbor

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    The Spring League

    There seems to be some free streams of The Spring League games today. Notable names playing are: Johnny Manziel (Team Black), Mitch Leidner and David Cobb (Team Orange)
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    Mike Riley

    Not a big surprise but...
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    I think I've got it figured out.

    This coaching staff just doesn't know how to use the current roster. They probably haven't had enough time to learn what each player can and can't do. Example: Devers, Cashman. Would the old staff have won more games this year? Yes, because they recruited these guys and know what style these...
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    Turgeon claiming second place...

    On multiple occasions today, he thinks they've secured second place already. Prove him wrong Gophers!!
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    Players Discipline, Confidence

    I'm getting the sense that Coach Claeys isn't a good motivator. I think he is a better X's and O's guy than Kill was, but Kill was definitely a better motivator. It just seems like the players are confused out there... bad penalties in critical times, so many dropped passes, it's like their...
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    I know it's early, so it's still to be determined, but more and more, he's looking legit. He has to work on his directional kick offs but... Can the Vikings sign him? The Vikings' kicker is not even as good.
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    Is over rated. He hasn't proved anything yet this year. How does a tall slow TE get past you by 5+ yards?
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    He didn't have much camera time... which is a good thing. I think he was his solid self. NFL here he comes!
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    The Real MVP

    One person that usually gets lost in the shuffle but sacrifices so much for Jerry Kill and Gophers' Football is... Rebecca Kill. She's my MVP. Much respect to her!
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    Positives Only

    - Wozniak looks very athletic especially for 6'10". More muscle tone and he could play Sundays.
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    Things I'm looking forward to:

    Jeff Jones - If he is good, let's mold him into a Heisman candidate. He was ranked higher than Ezekiel Elliot, and Elliot and even Justin Jackson did great this year. Which gives me a lot of hope that Jeff Jones will be great. I was afraid his body wasn't big enough to be effective for the Big10...
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    Kill and his coaching staff has trust issues. People keep defending them, saying "oh they know best, blah blah blah" and then you have this game, where you can see Leidner isn't that bad if they set him up to succeed in passing. Other coaches have no problem playing their second string, third...
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    The Good

    1) The short passing game... Mitch was pretty good today. Makes me wonder why the coaches never called those plays all year. 2) Max Williams
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