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    No more negativity

    At this point of the year it is what it is. There will be no more negativity from this guy as things will be changing in a month or 2. Many of these players will not be back here for next year and the coach most definitely won’t be back here next year. It’s been a crappy 2020-2021 for these...
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    Show me the money if you think any of these politicians on either side of the aisle give to craps about your life, your wrong. They are the king of double speak. Demcocrats hated dark money, but...
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    For a photo op.

    Don’t know the full back story but this is truly disgusting behavior from elected officials. Shaking hands and taking photos with the troops then 24 hours later sleeping in a parking garage like a McDonald bag.
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    Opinion Piece of DC Protestors Clash With Diners. Good opinion piece on what happened in DC the other night with the people out for dinner.
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    Obama’s 2nd ocean front home What an amazing piece on just how shady this deal is. I hope the ocean doesn’t have use too much when you’re flying from Martha’s Vineyard to Hawaii all the time.
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    Smithsonian Hates Whiteness This is incredible and was sponsored by our Government. Basically because white people appear to be hard working independent people they are bad.
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    Banning Travel and Required Quarantines

    I live in Wisconsin and many people travel from Illinois to their cabins in Wisconsin and to the Wisconsin Dells. Rather than a mandatory face mask ban why are states not shutting down interstate travel except for non essential travel. Illinois had 1,900 positive tests just today and they should...
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    St. Paul Mayor The fact that this man was hired in April of 2020 and it is just now hitting the news is amazing to me. Plus the fact that its $110,000.00 per year in a time when the budget shortfall...
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    Where is the lockdown

    We have been on lockdown for the past 9 weeks and doing untold harm to people and the economy for a virus that is deadly to people over the age of 65 and with pre existing medical conditions. Why is there not a curfew or lockdown now when you can see the damage and destruction out your window...
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    Assistant Coach Changes

    wondering if tubby will bring in a new assistant coach that has an offensive system that can get the most out of a team that may struggle to score next year. i see otto being able to run the pick and role very well (given what has been said about his game). and with coleman able to get to the...
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