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  1. brucekaupa

    What is the damn season ticket plan???

    The last communication I have from the U regarding season tickets is from June 3rd saying the season ticket payments are due August 27th. They've been weirdly silent since that time. Normally, I'd get an email about every 2 weeks reminding me of the deadline, but I seriously can't find any...
  2. brucekaupa

    Who is next after Willie?

    Sorry if there's already been a thread on this, but Willie getting the jersey treatment this weekend has me wondering who might be next. Lenard, Jacobson and Jackson clearly will never happen (despite only playing 2 years, I'd say Jackson deserves it outside of the issues). Davis and Wilson...
  3. brucekaupa

    Tracking Oturu vs. Murphy

    After Penn State, Daniel is 65 rebounds ahead of where Jordan was at the same point in his Gopher career. He started the season 5 rebounds ahead of Murph. Helps a little bit that Daniel's freshman season had 35 games compared to 31 for Jordan. He'll likely build a lot bigger lead over the...
  4. brucekaupa

    Oturu rebound padding

    I want Oturu to be our all time leading rebounder as much as anyone, but man... has anyone else noticed the blatant rebound padding that is happening? I’m counting 1-2 undeserved rebounds per game that he’s getting credit for. Tonight’s example: Fast break. Carr passes down the lane to Oturu...
  5. brucekaupa

    Jerry Lucas

    So by my calculations, Murph needs to average 19 boards a game to pass Lucas. Did you know that Lucas only played 3 seasons in college? That's nuts.
  6. brucekaupa


    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team shoot that poorly from the line
  7. brucekaupa

    The Stat Guy Is a Homer

    Sometime late in the first half. Murphy has 8 rebounds. Gophers have the ball. Kalscheur has the ball out on the wing. Starts a drive. Tosses up a floater from about 12-15 feet out. The shot is blocked right as it is leaving his hand. Ball pops up and backward toward half court. Murphy...
  8. brucekaupa

    Holding the ball

    All of this talk about Marshall/Waseca has me recalling a pre-shot clock game with the Gopher at Indiana, probably around ‘85 or so. Indiana had a lead at halftime and started the 2nd half by holding the ball for what I think was the first 15 minutes. Does anyone recall that game?
  9. brucekaupa

    Dr. Don?!?

    What happened to Dr. Don's Gopher score predictions threads? Left out of disgust?
  10. brucekaupa

    Acro team epic fail

    What the heck was wrong with that one jumper? She took out half the pyramid...
  11. brucekaupa

    Mason Injury

    Didn’t see what happened in person (was focusing on Murph completing yet another double double), but he couldn’t flex it or put weight on it at all. whats the word?
  12. brucekaupa


    You ever notice how the “live look in” isn’t live and is usually showing a game that’s already done?
  13. brucekaupa

    Gaston for 2!

    If you would have told me that at some time this season we would be at a point in a game where the only field goal scored in the game was by Gaston... Had a sweet touch on that.
  14. brucekaupa

    I don't like this rule

    The team that just scored a basket should not be able to call a timeout. Discuss.
  15. brucekaupa

    Uni colors

    Is there a strategy behind when we wear which home uniform color? Like ride one until you lose and then switch? While I'm at it...when was white first introduced? Early 90s?
  16. brucekaupa

    No Gopher in NBA

    Pardon if there's another thread on this. When is the last time that there were NO former Gophers in the NBA?
  17. brucekaupa

    Should Mason sit Wednesday?

    I wasn’t watching super close, but it seems this whole mess was caused by Mason acting like a punk.
  18. brucekaupa

    Just curious...

    When do they process the refunds for the '96-'97 season?
  19. brucekaupa

    The bracket and teams from same conference

    I always thought (no proof) that there was a guideline with the bracket committee that teams from the same conference wouldn't be seeded in the same half of a regional bracket unless more than 8 teams from that conference made the tournament. In other words, two teams from the same conference...
  20. brucekaupa

    The Meltdown, Part 2...

    I think there was reference to the Bucky board in another thread or two, but this deserves its own thread... I've put it into a TinyUrl due to the language in the thread link name: As you read the thread, here's what you see. The flow is quite fun: - First there's...
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