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    Guess the Ws record for BJs first year.

    I like Johnson but I struggle to see a better first year than 5-6 B1G wins given the exodus.. Hope he proves wrong.
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    Way-too-early Power Rankings for next season

    Y’all both children as far as I can tell And that’s coming from someone with a moniker of Full Banana
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    Collin Sexton Reveals How He Almost Cost Richard Pitino His Job After Iconic 3v5 NCAA Basketball Game Against Minnesota

    Doesn’t change the fact that if you’re playi 5 on 3 you should destroy the opposing team.
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    Bucky Irving goes for 214

    It’ll be perfect when he dominates vs Wisconsin.
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    Assistant Coaches

    They must all still be in the tourney. 😏
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    Assistant Coaches

    Colorado State eliminated. Wonder if we’ll hear an announcement this next week.
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    NCAA Tourney Budgets/Revenues

    So the men’s tournament makes about 2,000 times more money with only double the budget.
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    Bring Dribbling Goldy Back

    I hate the white court. Would be great if they went back.
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    Pete Najarin for AD

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of this hire either, but seriously put down the crack pipe.
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    Potter hanging it up

    Don’t we predict Wisconsin’s downfall every year?
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    Race in the portal

    Did you grow up in West Virginia?
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    Race in the portal

    Better than a kick in the Johnson.
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    Who and when do you think will be Johnson’s first commit?

    Is Eli King any relation to Joey King?
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    Name a coach you would’ve been MORE disappointed with

    Probably a lot. He might have been down a ways on my list, but that still leaves literally thousands of other college basketball coaches.
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    Ben Johnson Style of Play Video

    I would hope we only recruit players that already know how to dribble and shoot 😂😂😂 I like the lunch pail mentality he’s speaking on.
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