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  1. e.bigelow

    Northwestern/Minnesota game BTN replay?

    Anyone know when a replay of the game will be? On my way home to West Central MN and realized I forgot to set my DVR to record the game yesterday. :cry:
  2. e.bigelow

    Early Enrollees? - Spring 2014

    I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere in the GIGANTIC recruiting thread. But, are there any early enrollees we have for the Spring of 2014 in our current recruiting class? Thanks! :)
  3. e.bigelow

    "The Trenches" Brick by Brick: Gopher Football 2013 (Episode 15)

    New 'Brick by Brick' video. Enjoy everyone!
  4. e.bigelow

    ESPN B1G Ten Blog: Gophers hope to add Axe to special season

    Most of us rag on Bennett quite often, but I though he did a pretty good job with this article. Outside of a few errors, of course. Sorry if posted elsewhere... "Rhys Lloyd doesn't remember much about the 2003 Wisconsin-Minnesota game except the final seconds and his wild dash afterward...
  5. e.bigelow

    Gophers vs Indiana: The Ecstasy of Gold (Gopher Gridiron) YouTube Video

    More enjoyable highlight footage from Gopher Gridiron! Enjoy everyone! #BeatIndiana
  6. e.bigelow

    Minnesota rouses at unlikeliest of times - Adam Rittenberg

    Sorry if posted elsewhere.... Maybe the breakthrough was inevitable. It certainly wouldn't have been the first time a Jerry Kill-coached team took a significant step forward in Year 3. Northern Illinois went from six wins to 10 in Kill's third season (2010). Southern Illinois went from four...
  7. e.bigelow

    ESPN B1G Ten Blog: Week 9 Predictions

    Sorry if posted elsewhere.... NEBRASKA at MINNESOTA Brian Bennett: This is a good spot to bring back Taylor Martinez, so he can shake off some rust before the telling November stretch begins. I think Nebraska will still want to be a bit careful with its quarterback, however, and not risk...
  8. e.bigelow

    WCHA Playoffs

    Does anyone know when they begin seeding for the WCHA playoffs? I know it is after the regular season is over, but wondering how shortly after they set the games up. I have a few days off of work coming up and would like to be able to catch maybe one of the Gophers 1st round games. Any help...
  9. e.bigelow

    STrib: Studying the Big Ten's approach to college football's new bowl picture

    I found this to be pretty interesting. I love the idea of changing the lower tier bowl lineup and getting some new destinations. One of my best friends from high school lives out in San Francisco and a trip out there is always very enjoyable. How that may affect recruiting though is a different...
  10. e.bigelow

    Nate Sandell: Breaking down the tape from the Gophers' win over Syracuse

    Four games. Four wins. It is still a bit startling to realize that the Gophers are set enter Big Ten play next Saturday at Iowa as one of the conference's three undefeated teams. That is an impressive accomplishment for a program that has been desperate for a tangible upside for several years...
  11. e.bigelow

    ESPN B1G Blog - Previews

    Not sure if these have been posted, but there are a few previews on the Big Ten Blog.
  12. e.bigelow

    Gopher Equipment Sale ?

    Just noticed I got a e-mail about Gopher Equipment sale. Just wondering from fellow GHer's who have gone about things they sell and if they have found specific things they are looking for. I.E. jerseys, helmets, ETC. I have never gone and live over two hours away. I would just hate to make the...
  13. e.bigelow

    Iowa columnist: 'Gophers' statistics scream something . . . WE STINK!' Not sure if anyone else saw this in the PP, but you would think this should help fire some players up! Hopefully!
  14. e.bigelow

    Jedd Fisch Hired At Miami

    Wow, maybe it is a good thing we didn't hire Al Golden!
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