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  1. GopherBulldog

    Did Penn State Commit A Faux Pas?

    Honest question... It’s inarguable that Penn State is a blue blood within the B1G. In hiring Kirk Ciarrocca, do you think they get a behind-the-scenes hand slap from the B1G conference leadership? If programs like tOSU, Michigan, Penn State, etc., don’t poach the best coaches and players from...
  2. GopherBulldog

    Rivalry Games. Really?

    As Wisconsin has won the vast majority of recent axe games, Gopher fans can often downplay (in typical understated Minnesotan modesty) the validity of the rivalry. Well, ESPN has provided a convenient recap of the history of this week’s rivalry games. You can see it here...
  3. GopherBulldog

    Gopher Football: A Hidden Gem

    I graduated from the U of M in '94 and did not attend a single game while in school. The boys were playing in the Dome at the time and I was working my way through school. Graduated with significant debt. Blah, blah, blah. I don't think they could have gotten me to games while I was in...
  4. GopherBulldog

    Best Pregame Activities?

    I’m coming into town with my 14-year-old son for the Nebraska game. Any suggestions for a tailgate to attend or other pre-game activities?
  5. GopherBulldog

    Help With Tickets

    I’m planning on coming into town with my oldest son for the Nebraska game. Any advice on the best place to purchase tickets for the game? I left a message for the Gopher ticket office weeks ago and never heard back.
  6. GopherBulldog

    We Hate Iowa, But Iowa Likes Fleck?

    I know two guys that played for the Hawkeyes in the early 90s. One was a high school buddy, the other I've known for 10 years as we work for the same company. He's based in the Northeast and I'm in Atlanta so we only see each other two or three times a year. He knows I'm a Gopher and we've...
  7. GopherBulldog

    Specifically, what is your minimum threshold to call 2017 season a success?

    There have been threads predicting how many wins PJF should deliver in 2017. And there seems to be at least two factions... Those that believe TC set a solid foundation and PJF has a responsibility to build on this. Immediately. For others, they want to cut PJF some slack for 2017. Give him...
  8. GopherBulldog

    GopherHole Podcast: Scott Korzenowski Spot On Regarding Boycott

    Just listened to the GopherHole podcast. I completely agree with 90% of the position stated by Scott Korzenowski. Very rational and thoughtful perspective regarding due process, TC's role and the selfish antics of EC and MK. It clocks out at nearly 40 minutes, but is definitely worth the time.
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