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    Former Gopher QB Coach is OC at Illinois.

    Bret Bielema, according to Football Scoop, has named Tony Petersen his OC and quarterback coach. Petersen was Minnesota's quarterback coach 1999 - 2006. Last year he coached at Missouri and this year Appalachian State; he was an OC and qb coach at both schools. Go Gophers!!
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    Tom Oates: 1959 UW-Minnesota game a Border Battle to remember

    Doc Gopher - I stand corrected, you're right! I misspoke, it was Arlie Bomstad who was the receiver who scored on the pass from Stephens. Tom Hall got in on the scoring, however, by kicking the extra point. Go Gophers!!
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    Tom Oates: 1959 UW-Minnesota game a Border Battle to remember

    I was at the game in Memorial Stadium. I was a seventh grader at the time. On the first play, Minnesota QB Sandy Stephens hit an uncovered WR, Tom Hall, for a long touchdown. If memory serves me correctly, it was an eighty-yard touchdown. Both were sophomores. Wisconsin's QB was Dale...
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    Recruiting ? about Minnesota high school players visiting Iowa

    Last Saturday night, Iowa had nearly 70 recruits in for the Iowa vs. Penn State game. Many of the recruits have already verbally committed to Iowa - 2020, 2021, and 2022 years - or been offered. Recruiting question: Three of the recruits, but not offered, however, are from Minnesota. 1)...
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    2019 GopherHole Survey Summary

    Here is a summary of the recent GopherHole Survey as well as some comparisons of previous surveys. There were 45 respondents who participated in this year's survey. I was hoping for 100 respondents. Respondents in previous surveys: 2007 229 2008 179 2009 171 2010 174...
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    2019 GopherHole Survey

    It’s been seven years since I conducted a GopherHole Survey; it ran for eight consecutive years. The purpose of the survey is twofold: First, to provide feedback to the GopherHole Admins concerning what you like about GopherHole, and what you’d like to see added or improved on this website...
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    Birthday Wishes . . .

    Happy Birthday, GopherLady! Thank you, Nadine, for all that you've done and do to make GopherHole the winning site that it is! Also, thank you for your many contributions of service to others! Go Gophers!!
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    Happy Birthday, Gopherlady/Nadine!

    Go Gophers!!
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P.J. Fleck - 6/4/17

    After his absence last Sunday morning for Memorial Day weekend, P.J. Fleck returned to the WCCO radio air waves and queries from Sid Hartman, Dave Mona and Mike Max on the Sports huddle. Topics covered include state tours, high school camps, players studying overseas, players that didn’t...
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    Sports Huddle Recaps Announcement

    After much reflection, I’ve decided to stop writing the Sunday Sports Huddle recaps, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing. This Sunday will be my last recap. The past seven years – covering the show for Gopherhole – has gone by so fast. I’m also giving up some community commitments as my terms...
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    No Sports Huddf Recap Today . . .

    Dave Mona said P.J. Fleck has the day off. Go Gophers!!
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P. J. Fleck - 5/21/17

    Questions and comments by P.J. Fleck on today’s Sports Huddle are as follows: 1) Now that the assistant coaches are back from the spring recruiting trails, Sid wanted to know how the recruiting went and if he’s happy with the recruiting: “Yes, so far . . . commitments and other recruits...
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P.J. Fleck - 5/14/17

    A number of topics were covered on the Sports Huddle with P.J. Fleck today, including recruiting, fall and summer preparations, 2017 schedule, early signing periods, balance attack, receive or defer to second half, weather reports, changing sides to the sunny side in the stadium. 1) Sid opened...
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    Sports Huddle Recap Tag Team

    This week I have a family commitment, our granddaughter’s wedding. If SON or someone else can cover the P.J. Fleck segment on the Sports Huddle it would be appreciated. Go Gophers!!
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P.J. Fleck - 4/30/2017

    Unlike last Sunday, the P.J. Fleck segment was live. It also was much shorter than last week with only six questions, which were related to the NFL’s Draft this weekend and the selection of WMU’s high draft choices, Gopher coaches recruiting, current recruiting numbers (commitments), and...
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P.J. Fleck - 4/23/2017

    After having Sunday off last week for Easter, P.J. Fleck returned to the Sports Huddle. The P.J. Fleck was taped and all of the questions raised were by Sid Hartman. 1) In the first question, Sid wanted to know how the...
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    short ornery norwegian - Sports Huddle Coverage

    I’ll be busy this Sunday with a family gathering celebrating Easter. I hope you can cover the P.J. Fleck segment on the Sports Huddle. Much appreciated. Best wishes to our Jewish friends celebrating Passover! Golden Gophers!!
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P.J. Fleck - 4/9/17

    After a couple weeks away from the WCCO radio microphones, Dave Mona joined Mike Max and Sid Hartman for the Sports Huddle and the P.J. Fleck segment. Topics covered: implementing a new culture, personnel at WMU and Minnesota, lack of depth in the offensive and defensive lines, quarterback...
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    Gopherholes's Sports Huddle Recap: Coach P.J. Flexc - 4/2/17

    On today’s P.J. Fleck segment on the Sports Huddle, Sid and Mike Max’s questions focused on this weekend’s state coaching convention, adjusting to shortages in the offensive and defensive lines, offensive line coach Ed Warinner, tackling drills during spring ball, goals this spring, and the...
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    Gopherhole's Sports Huddle lRecap: Coach Fleck - 3/26/17

    Mike Max filled n for Dave Mona on today’s Sports Huddle. 1) Sid’s first question was for an appraisal of the team during spring drills: Fleck replied, “I think we’re getting better . . . We’ve practiced on three different fields . . . They’ve worked hard . . . Ton of reps at practices.”...
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