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  1. e.bigelow

    College Football Head Coach Salary Rankings

    Smashing chairs in pregame speeches in the locker room before the team takes the field and gets its doors blown off? ??
  2. e.bigelow

    2020 Season ticket renewals?

    Now that my son is getting a bit older (he'll be 4 new football season and be able to handle some of the more less than perfect weather games, and maybe have a bit longer attention span :cool:) I am hoping to get at least two for the 2020 season. Had to drop my 6 after '17 as I just didn't have...
  3. e.bigelow

    Jerry Kill to TCU

    12 stops in 4 years? #PlayersCoach
  4. e.bigelow

    Huskers, Washington officially part ways

    Wonder what NFL Draft Expert Super Duper Scout Matt Miller thinks of his character?
  5. e.bigelow

    Purdue coach says...

    I was at the local Casey's general store and heard two guys talking about 'Out back', I assumed they meant the Outback bowl and not a drug deal. Sounds like Outback is getting play. Wonder what the Gopher racks at Fleet Farm look like? :cool:
  6. e.bigelow

    Kirk Ciarocca a Possibility for the Texas OC job

    UT is my second favorite College Football team behind MN and I've even grown thin of Herman and his continued excuses for boneheaded mistakes. They need to figure out something better in Austin because clearly Herman isn't it.
  7. e.bigelow

    Auburn players on Minnesota (link)

    Yep. Agreed. Gus said we are good on special teams. Boy is he in for a rude awakening.
  8. e.bigelow

    Which Underclassmen and 2020 Recruits can help Defense next year?

    I think Braelin Oliver could be a stud. Needs to do a better job of film study as you could tell early on in the season he didn't play great. Then they basically used him as a situational rusher, which he played really well at. He's got the physical talent, just needs to be better at the mental...
  9. e.bigelow

    Ohio State Linebacker/Safety Brandon White enters Transfer Portal

    Could he even transfer inside the conference without losing more than a year?
  10. e.bigelow

    Kamal Martin to Bypass the Outback Bowl

    Good decision on his part considering his injury. Selfishly I'd love to see him play in the Outback Bowl but he has to make the best decision for himself. This is honestly a good thing as the more Gophers we are getting drafted and on NFL rosters, the better.
  11. e.bigelow

    Stadium Expansion...

  12. e.bigelow

    Stadium Expansion...

    Totally agree with the idea similar to Texas in adding areas to congregate. The stadium needs to have things that will attract more 'common fans' other than just additional seating. Not saying it doesn't do that now, but that is what I'd rather see in some form of expansion.
  13. e.bigelow

    Reports: Minnesota Crookston, St. Cloud State to drop football

    This the article you were talking about:
  14. e.bigelow

    Official -- it's the Outback Bowl vs. Auburn

    Oh I agree. I think they are pretty much equal tier, sans the Citrus is on ABC vs Outback on ESPN. It was moire of a reply to a statement that this is the 'best bowl' since 1962, which, 2015 was the Citrus. So, not really.
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