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    Is it possible?

    Is it possible to go to the West side of stadium and watch game through the bars? thanks
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    Was Junior Alexander going to commit at 7.11 Pacific time?

    Or am I confusing him with D'Marion Alexander?
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    Best Big 10 Bowl Win

    The Gophers have the best Big 10 bowl win this year, right? One over the highest rated opponent?
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    I don't care how we are ranked.

    If we beat Iowa, we would have a victory over #4 and a victory over a top #25 team (arguably, and Iowa is always a good team). If we beat NW, we would have beaten a team who last year had a very good team, and this year is enduring a down year. If we beat WI, then we would have beaten #s 4, 25...
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    Look on the bright side, Gopherholers!

    Dave Lee won't be doing the games next year!
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    You want a controversial opinion?

    I think that they should make certain Fleck's buy-out is as high as possible. I was a big Kill supporter and I think that Claeys was a very good Defensive coordinator. My thinking on Fleck: 1) I believe the team is more disciplined under Fleck (this is not a criticism of Kill or Claeys); 2) I...
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    pass interference

    TV viewers: What about the pass interference calls particularly Poock's interception.?
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    Knock down, drag out fight.

    I fully expect the Ohio State game to be a low scoring affair. I think they are in for a rude awakening with the weather and intensity level of the Gophers. I think the Gophers win this one.
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    Michigan co-worker

    My problem: rabid Michigan co-worker. She has outfitted my office in Michigan crap after last 3 losses. My need: payback. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    My Big 10 Power Rankings

    Here is my ranking. This ranking is based upon the teams strength at this point in time. I think MN is a better team now than Iowa is. Maybe we should jump teams this year in bowl selection. 1) MSU 2) Ohio State 3) Wisconsin 4) Minnesota 5) Iowa 6) Penn State 7) Nebraska 8) Michigan 9)...
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    wouldn't it be too bad if

    Notre Dame was replaced in the rankings by the Gophers?
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    wouldn't it I be too bad if

    Notre Dame was replaced in the rankings by the Gophers?
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    A little help

    I have a small office in Bloomington. One of my co-workers is a huge Michigan Wolverine fan. First, two weeks ago, she put approximately 300 small Michigan flags on my office floor. Then, last week, she strung University of Michigan crepe paper all over my office and on my office door...
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    Hire Rodriguez if fired?

    What do you think of that? How strong of a candidate do you think he would be v. Golden, Hoke, Calhoun, etc.?
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    I have seen improvement in this team. I support Coach Brewster for 1 more year assuming continued improvement.
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    Just walked by the stadium

    The brick work is getting done. It is going to look great. This stadium looks like they did not skimp on a single aspect of it. I also liked the water holding pond that they are building across the street from the stadium. This is a stadium of which the State of Minnesota and the University...
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