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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Well I would say some "good" news today. Johnson says he is open to playing another year of college basketball. he's not a perfect player but hes a good player, one I would sure like to have back. And Curry said "this is my last season playing college basketball". Curry has been nothing but a...
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    Let's Take a Look Back at the Alarmists During the Illinois Game

    I also take no pride in being right in this scenario but I think the "alarmists" were closer to realists here
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    STrib: Richard Pitino and the Gophers. What went wrong? The short answer: Missteps in recruiting and a lack of player development.

    Honestly, without looking I thought the same thing. The more I look, i don't think this was the case either! A few examples: Coffey Fr year 13p 4r 3a per game shot 50% from 2 33% from 3 Coffey So year 14-4-3 per game shot 52% from 2 and 37% from 3 ok small improvments here! Coffey Jr year...
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    STrib: Richard Pitino and the Gophers. What went wrong? The short answer: Missteps in recruiting and a lack of player development.

    There were some recruits (Gaston stands out) as HUH??? recruits but overall we have had fine recruits. My issue is Pitino has not developed ANYONE that i can remember. I watch other games and you seemingly always see the "Freshman year 2.5 ppg, Soph 6.9 JR 18.7 points!" I honestly cannot...
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    This is good post, exactly my thoughts. Its amazing how far this team has fallen in the past few weeks. From potential S16, top 5 NCAA seed to 12th in the B1G. Pitino and/or the players have lost total control. At this point all of these guys have things we can rally behind and on the flip side...
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    Any early "you are welcome" from myself. I never miss a game, but I have been so disappointed in the last 3-4 weeks that I purposely made plans from 6-9 tonight. I will not be watching/checking at all. If that does not turn the tide we are truly doomed. :ROFLMAO:
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    10 most interesting options to replace Richard Pitino

    Jeff Borzello (ESPN) posted an article on college openings and he echos what Snow from 247 said. MN could likely be the best job on the market this cycle pending AZ/IND. There are certainly some positive vibes about our program and its potential out there! lets quit settling for weakling...
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I have 0 idea who these coaches are, and its not how business is done in the B1G, but why do colleges never try to get some of these super HS/prep school coaches to take over? I dont know who runs Minnehaha Academy but he seems to be doing ok! or the person who is the coach at Monteverde or Oak...
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    How Many Gophers Transfer? If Pitino is in fact fired like is being reported?

    As much as winning big next year would be great, it's just going to be a bonus. I like guys like mash gabe Liam obviously, but like someone said, we are absolutely losing Carr and are in 11th place, its not like we are losing Christian Laettner Grant Hill and Adam Morrison here. Along with...
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I know some in here have suggested to pass on potentially getting Dutcher/Beilien because they are a bit older. Leonard Hamilton is one of the best coaches in the country, he is 72 and just signed a 5 yr extension. Everyone is different, but some seem to suggest Dutcher (61) or Beilien (68) are...
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    Justin Gaard on KFAN

    Illinois is without the potential player of the year in all of CBB and went 2-0 this week including at Wisconsin. Injuries suck sure, but if any injury cripples your team to the point you can't beat the 2 worst programs in the conference than that's coaching and roster building, 2 things that...
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    Few notes. Someone asked about Dutcher and transfers, last year his stacked team had 3 of them up top, he'd be fine. Next, it's not a lock we would be better next year but again, this is not the 1980s where you need 4 years to get "your guys" and build a team. Most teams now are transfers and...
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    NW 0-13 we give them a win. Neb didn't win a home B1G game for 14 months. We gave them a win. If there's a lower point to this program I don't know
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    I dont really even have words anymore
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    Down 7 to NEBRASKA! Pitino said at one point this year Mitchell had more NBA potential than anyone on the roster...yet he can't find the floor for this abomination of a squad? 🧐
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    If Pitino told Peterson he was out to make room for Gach this summer that was a disaster. Gach looks awful
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    Back to 17 wins to be “completely safe” heading to BTT

    Would be interesting to see what the Gophers would do if that played out. Robbins/Carr/Gabe not 100%, Pitino on his way out, seems unlikely they would play right?
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    Who is your "Home Run" hire?

    Brian Snow (from 247) was on with Jeff Goodman and he was all in on the MN job. HUGE upside, said yes you miss on the 5* guys fine, but the guys like Wright, Macura, Garcia, etc plus B1G plus Minneapolis is massive. Said he thinks it is likely the best job open in the country. (Goodman said he...
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    Brick layers would imply we are hitting the rim....I think these guys airball 3-4 a game :ROFLMAO:
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    Big talkers on here but no one will put their money where their mouth is. I told writer and Stocker08 I would bet them every game and got crickets...since then 1-3 straight up, 0-4 vs the spread.
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