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    Slightly OT: Beer at TCF

    The latest City Pages has a hilarious article critiquing which tallboy should be the official state beer. The best review of PBR I've ever read. Since several of these brands are sold at TCF I thought it might interest this board (plus a few of us do like beer). Quantity over Quality...
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    places to watch the Nebraska game in St. Paul?

    Just curious if there's a contingent of people going somewhere to watch the game in the Grand Ave neighborhood. Someplace like Billy's, B-dubs or even Wild Onion. The challenge is sometimes getting the staff to turn the game on with sound (not gonna make any politically incorrect statements...
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    $50 says the Smales kid eats it!

    The real reason Wisconsin lost yesterday.
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    PSU may be feeling our pain, bowlwise

    Remember all those years we got chumped by the Alamo bowl? (those were the days) PSU is even more non-desireable than we ever were. Kind of a Karma thang, considering how they got invited to the Alamo bowl in '99 after we beat them. Although it is kind of sad, given that the current players...
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    One might have to take some of this with a grain of salt, but my brother (Spartan alum) sent me this article from a MSU fan website. According to this, Delaney is a world class petty D-bag. I don't doubt that Delany has an overly healthy ego, and it isn't the first time one has heard of SCum...
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    The good, The Bad, & the Ugly

    THE GOOD: 1.We won - This team really needed a W, and they deserved it. I could tell they were jacked up even during the pregame warmups. Much more energy than last week. 2.Coach Kill - Great to see him on the field. It is disturbing that he was having seizures well past Saturday, and I...
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    Frank the Tank on the BT championship game

    I hadn't heard that Indy was the permanent site. Kind of makes sense. It's better for the BT to have the game indoors. It favors the team that would fare better in a matchup with the SEC. Some good cracks on Chicago in this article. I'd have preferred...
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    Tresselgate in MSpaint

    sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words
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    More on SCum & Mason from the Detroit News

    New U-M coach will have plenty of talent at his disposal TOO BAD NONE OF IT IS ON DEFENSE. There are worse college football teams to inherit than one that ended the regular season 7-5. I THINK I'D RATHER TAKE OVER THE STANFORD TEAM THAT FINISHED 12-1 That the Wolverines finished on the north...
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    Hilarious SCum rumor on the MSU board

    My brother is a Spartan alum, and he sent me this from the Spartantailgate board: Ok guys, here's the scoop I heard today. As some of you know, my good friend has a close associate from his days with the Pistons who now works in the scUM athletic department. Yesterday, the news I got to share...
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    Badger rose bowl gear for the masses

    Or massives, perhaps. We have a layover at LAX on our way home from Hawaii. My wife wanted to buy her cousin in Fond du Lac a rose bowl shirt. She went into the airport gift shop, but all they had were L, XL, & XXL. both somens & men's. Someone here in SoCal did their research on WI...
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    Former Gopher does St. Paul proud

    Adam Bailey won his second medal from the SPPD. Way to go!!! I remember being at that MSU game in 1998. has to rank up there with the most memorable Gopher kicks: 1.Nystrom beating PSU the following year 2.Rhys Lloyd beating Wisky and running across the field for the axe 3.Lloyd's game...
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    JoePa needs a hearing aid

    Paterno has trouble with high tech. He prolly never progressed beyond a rotary dial phone. Its scary to think that he's driving, let alone coaching a football team. Even if he is just a figurehead. I saw him give a 30 second interview to some sideline bimbo at halftime earlier this season...
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    Starts with B and ends in -USTED

    Looks like Pellini has some 'splainin' to do. Dr. Tom is old school, so this probably went over like a fart in church. As someone else posted, we're lucky that Maturi bumbled to a finish (for better or worse) on our coaching search before this second spasm of vacancies appeared. Not that...
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    There's been some speculation on which/how many players might transfer. One guy who popped into my mind is Alipate. Based on Kill's (very limited) statements on his offensive philosophy after being named our coach, he seems to favor a speedy multiple threat QB. That has to be music to Gray's...
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    Is there anyone on this board with a Fine Arts degree?

    who knows how to use MSpaint? We need someone with the mad skills this guy on the Texas board has (NSFW, btw). The murderer's row pic is priceless. Great caricature of Pelini, too.
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    Ranking the Tweeters

    After trying to separate the wheat from the chaff for online sources over the past week, here's how I'd rank them: Dave Shama - Everything he's posted has been solid. He also seems to be free of any axes that need grinding or hidden agendas. MV at FBT - Ditto. Seems to only report stories...
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    A good omen

    We were out in California to visit family over Thanksgiving week. Yeah, now I'm kicking myself for missing the Iowa game. On Saturday we were driving back to L.A. from Mammoth ski area during the game. I was following the game on Sportacular on my iPhone. We stop in this jerkwater town...
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    Badge(r) of Shame

    Love the title of this article in the NYPost. Looks like a lot of people saw through Bulemia's feeble attempt to influence the polls. Sure didn't seem to help UW in the latest round of voting. If the east coast media is taking notice of what a prick Brett is, it isn't going to help his cause...
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    Tawdry $EC tale, with a Mullen connection

    Apparently Cam Newton auctioned himself off to the highest bidder. Interesting timing on MSU's part to rat out Auburn, although snitching on your rivals is a time-honored SEC tradition. I wonder if it has something to do with Mullen knowing he's a hot commodity, and he wants to come off as...
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