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    Spring game excitment!

    What are people most excited to see at the spring game this year? I know...its a glorified practice..but forget that for a moment. Personally, I want to see if the 2 JC corners can fill a need. Martez Shabazz...he sounds fast and is fast (4.36). Jeremy Baltazar is slower (4.40) but also...
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    Jedd Fisch

    I was shocked to discover that Al Golden chose Jedd Fisch to be his OC at the University of Miami. I was not overly impressed with his time with the Gophers.
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    Tony Dungy- Mr. Fix it

    I hear that Tony Dungy is willing to help Indiana in its coaching search. Maybe I'm cranky because the Gophers coaching search seems to be dragging on..but this kind of upsets me a bit. I think he should at least wait for the Gophers to fill their coaching vacancy. He is a Gopher after all and...
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    2 way players

    I read where Murray Warmath only used 19 different players against some tough opponents. I'm not saying the Gophers should go that far...but could we fill some holes by having a few 2 way players? I imagine most of the team played on both sides of the ball in high school.
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    Gopher Football Fan Fest August 21, 2010

    Does anyone have any information on this event? Will there be a team scrimmage like the Gopher Game Day preview last year? Would there be tailgating allowed and what time does it start? Thanks!
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