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    We win,Iowa lost to the cyclones, Badgers?

    Second weekend of the season,does it get any better than this! The difference a year makes. Bring on our next victim. Go Gopher's
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    How hot is your darn-gum chili?

    My Chili is harbanero hot! Hopefully we stroke the post all day long. Go Gopher's
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    Start of fourth quarter, a way to honor Gary Tinsley

    I was watching a movie about Wake Forest, one of the players had a brother who was killed and before the start of the fourth they would hold up five fingers. We should do this to honor our number 51.
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    great game tonight

    Wow, are we schooling the team formally know as the Sioux. 19- 5 in shots and a three-nil score. Are we back? Go Gophers!
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    Biggest game of 2012 season?

    Hands down it has to be Western Michigan. We need to lock down all the recruits that will have offers from this school and ours. Actually I was looking at next year and smiled to see that the Western Michigan pipeline is on our schedule.:cool:
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    new year resolution

    I live in Wisconsin, bummer. My neighbors really dislike my gopher attire, I want to fly the biggest gopher flag I can find, just to irritate them, and it will, now to my point I would love to see us as a group to support Gopher sports like they support their Wiscy teams here in Wisconsin always...
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    Which NFL team would Adam Weber have the best chance of making?

    Today on Channel four, there was a news piece on the NFL getting back to business. They interviewed Adam Weber and asked him his plans and hopes. He stated" that as an undrafted rookie,he was behind and was practicing with Larry Fitzgerald with the hope of being invited to a NFL camp. With...
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    Where Kill thinks the state of Gopher football is at

    Interesting article from Illinois where coach describes the state of his new football program. He is either very good at staying under the radar or it means do not have very high expectations. Hopefully it is just a smoke screens...
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    To all Badger and Hawkeye fans:

    "Six years later, his squad went 8-1 and was named unanimous national champions after the conclusion of the 1960 regular season. The highlight of the 1960 season was the seventh game of the year in Minneapolis against No.1-ranked Iowa. The Gophers were ranked third in the country going into the...
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    Adam Weber

    It looks like Adam Weber is starting to get noticed by the pros. It sounds like he will get drafted in the later rounds. What would he have looked like if he played for four years under the same system. I think he might just surprise a few people...
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    Thanks Gophers!

    This has been a very trying season for us fans. They saved the best for last and I for one have just gotten my Christmas present early!! Gopher game= good day Sharing it with iowa fans= headache Gopher's beating iowa= PRICELESS!
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    Adam Weber for President

    I had to start it. Actually he played good today and the run at the end of the game really showed his five years of experience. Maybe he needs one more?:clap:
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    Bobby Bowden?

    We could have a coach as revered as Joe Pa and we might be able to help him set all time wins record. What do you think?:D:D
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    brewster is the luckiest guy in minnesota this morning

    He does not have to watch the game on Saturday or next Saturday,etc. The beat goes on!
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    At what point would you say, Brewster deserves another year?

    I am as disappointed as the next guy. I was just wondering how everyone would feel about the coaching staff if we actually win a couple of games. For example, what if we would lose to Northwestern, but beat Iowa or Wisconsin.
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    Let's get Energized!

    Does anyone else like the timing of the , Let's get Energized bit. It seems like the other team has just scored a tremendous touchdown and we get this crap!! The team entering the field might be the only time it can be played or how about skipping it!
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    Can the band play toward the visitor side?

    My seats are on the visitor side. People sitting around me where wondering why the band never plays toward the visitor side? The stadium is full of gopher fans. I understand they play to the home side, but it would be nice to have the music directed to this side of the stadium once or twice...
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    We need to do are part!

    If I was a football player and was looking for a college to play at, how would I pick a college. I think I would look at tradition, fan support, big games, and national exposure. Remember we do have some young athletes visiting this weekend. Booing, chanting fire Brewster are not supporting...
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