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    This is what happens when you go 2 years without recruiting LBs

    I believe Oliver is only LB in the classes of 2017 and 2018 with a power five offer. We see the results of that in our yards per play. We have more linebackers playing who received Ivy League offers with no other Big Ten offers besides MN, than linebackers who had other Big Ten offers.
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    Not a single running back besides Mo got a carry?

    Someone else on here mentioned coaching malpractice. That is exactly what this is. In a game that was 35-0 at one point, we only hand the ball to one running back? Beyond words. We can look at play design, tempo, run/pass/go for it decisions, but this is just insane.
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    Street and Smiths, Nebraska, I mean....

    Was in the bookstore picking up some summer workbooks for my kids and saw Street and Smiths NCAA preview magazine. Thought the boy might like it, so I picked it up and thumbed through it while standing in line. They had Nebraska 2nd in the west. We were 4th. I had to put it back on the shelf...
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    High school football - what if there is no season

    While we are all hearing requirements (students need to be back on campus) and potential options (move to spring of 2021, play with no fans, etc.) for NCAA football, I wonder what would happen if there is no high school football either nationally or in certain states. Hard to recruit if there...
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    Tutu Atwell

    Does anyone know why we didn’t offer him? Obviously dad played for the U, had offers from Louisville and Illinois, but I don’t see where we offered this legacy player.
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    Wow, Penn State play calling is atrocious

    They are getting almost 10 yards a carry, but for some reason keep throwing with Clifford who is killing every drive. No wonder the job was open.
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    We are watching a team throw everything out there and go for it

    WI taking shots down field right away, going for it on fourth, electing to take the ball to start the game, not running out the clock to end the half. Not sure how it will end of course, but we are watching a team that is out there to win the game with one heck of an aggressive game plan. Oh...
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    Why? (aka drunk and pissed)

    Why did we play prevent defense the entire first half. Haven’t seen that since Mason in critical Big Ten or bowl games. Reminded me of rushing two against Phil Rivers and NC State.
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    Welp, I'm never hiring anyone from Iowa

    Or any former Big Ten ref for that matter.
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    Double OT against Fresno and 3rd and 30 against GA Southern....

    And now we dominate in the Big Ten? Only thing I can think of is coaching and dedication of the players to continue to work on their craft. Both go back to the head coach. Quite okay giving the man another raise
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    Terrell Smith

    Started as a true freshman last year and played really well. He didn’t travel with the team to Rutgers. Is he injured? My apologies if discussed in another thread.
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    The Maryland game

    At risk of looking past Rutgers (their fans want them to leave the Big Ten) it’s the Maryland game is that setting up to be the ultimate trap game. They were ranked earlier in the year. We’ve historically had trouble with them and they usually talented players. It will come after, what everyone...
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    Why is local media obsessed with Fleck running on the sidelines

    I don’t get why some of these guys hate him and the program because he runs in the sidelines. I don’t get why Minnesotans cheer against Minnesota teams. What am I missing?
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    Pitino = Mason

    Only difference is he coaches a different sport and is younger. We will never get over the hump with him and will be alright, a fringe tourney team, and maybe the occasional second round game, but no more. Time to try something else.
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    It has been awhile since I sent an angry email to the coaches, but....

    I’m tempted to today. The dumbest 3rd down play call I’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t sent an email to a coach since 2000 to David Gibbs for effing up our bowl games against Phillip Rivers and NC State - he actually held onto the email and replied on his last day with The U. Was good to know...
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    The most head scratching play call ever?

    Anyone have anything worse than the 3rd and 2 handoff out of the shot gun that was stuffed without Seth in the game. I mean..... WHat in the living hell. Wildcat twice in a row there. I just.... don’t ..... understand .......
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    Play calling absolutely doomed us

    Not a single back had more than 15 carries? Only one had over 9 carries? This one is 100% on the OC and his boss for allowing it to happen. Look at UK - Tenn boxscore. Similar QB play, but their back gets the ball for 27 carries and they limit the passing and give their team a chance to win a...
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    How on earth is it possible to go years with no a single competent QB?

    Holy cow. Get a graduate transfer or a juco. Holy balls. Just run it every freaking time.
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    The look of Glen Mason

    Camera panned to Claeys during Penn States final drive. There he was looking up at the clock, grimacing, chewing his gum hoping he could somehow hang on. He looked just like Glen. Same result. We all knew we'd lose that game when it appeared we were happy to kick a field goal and hope to hang...
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