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  1. maroonfive

    Former Badger, Marcus Randle El arrested for double murder

    Probably not true but there is something in the air over there that just does not smell right. When the winds are from the east you get just of whiff of the stench that permeates the air. You just have to be careful when going over the border and going into the unknown.
  2. maroonfive

    Auburn Fan Reactions

    Anywhere in Alabama, yikes !!!!
  3. maroonfive

    Wisconsin is really good

    I am a Midwest elitist but I want the skunks to lose.
  4. maroonfive

    Gopher Volleyball 2019

    Thanks Stanford. Hard to cheer for the skunks no matter what the sport. Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. maroonfive

    Signing Day Tomorrow!

    How many 5 star recruits do we get?
  6. maroonfive

    Reports: Minnesota Crookston, St. Cloud State to drop football

    I like St. Cloud better, it is a bigger campus and the city is bigger. There is more to do. The Mankato campus is pretty generic and sterile. The National Hockey Center is on campus where Mankato plays in a dumpy arena but they are coming into the NCHC soon.
  7. maroonfive

    Reports: Minnesota Crookston, St. Cloud State to drop football

    It helps when Glen Taylor builds a basketball arena. St. Cloud actually has a nicer campus than Mankato. It is right on the river. The St. Cloud area is also twice the size of the Mankato area. St. Cloud also has a new football stadium and the newly renovated National Hockey Center is on campus...
  8. maroonfive

    Stadium Expansion...

    Adding 30,000 seats is not necessary. You need something to bring people to the stadium besides a great game. Adding a club level like the home side that has non game day revenue is the way to go. A level of 10,000 seats would be all you really need. A couple of restaurants and brew pubs and you...
  9. maroonfive

    LSU #1 playing at home

    You are right about Atlanta. It virtually has 3 downtown's and is growing like crazy.
  10. maroonfive

    Official -- it's the Outback Bowl vs. Auburn

    Do the Big Ten teams split all of the payouts by each bowl game among all of the Big teams? The payout for this game is $6.4 million though not sure that is the total or for each team.
  11. maroonfive

    All Things Conference Title Games

    I don't think their bench will be yelling obscenities at the crowd like they were last week. You have dirty players and eventually what goes around comes around.
  12. maroonfive

    Reusse: Fleck realizes you can fool most of the people some of the time, and Gophers fans nearly all of the time

    I love the spectacle of Gopher football but I am also a leftist and I do know I am smarter than a deplorable. Ski-U-Mah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. maroonfive

    Skunk fans are always the worst

    You must have not been at the Cal game. Even the coaches were involved with the taunting. People were taking videos of their behavior. I don't make this stuff up just because I dislike the skunks. They aren't voted the worst fan base in the Big Ten for nothing.
  14. maroonfive

    Skunk fans are always the worst

    I am in the 5th row behind the visitors bench and the worst offenders were the badger players themselves yelling and swearing and giving fans the finger. Talk about assholes. That team is a train wreck as far as representing their school. I am so glad we have Fleck. They are an embarrassment...
  15. maroonfive

    Who will you pull for, Badgers or Buckeyes?

    Who the hell would cheer for the skunks?
  16. maroonfive

    Official College Game Day Sign Ideas Thread

    My sign that I would make could not be shown on television.
  17. maroonfive

    For Minnesconsin residents, U will be field of divided football loyalties for Gophers-Badgers

    I have sat through so many of these games with loud mouth skunk fans. I had my Gopher gear on today and someone walked past me and said go Badgers. I enthusiastically flipped them off. I am not taking any of there B.S. in the stands this time. I just hope I don't hit anybody.
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