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    Fire Pitino so I don’t have to see our coach call a timeout after we make a big shot every game.
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    Jim Jackson out coaching Pitino

    Love seeing a pg walk the ball up the court slowly down 3 with 30 seconds left.
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    Who do you have as your Gameday guest picker?

    AJ Barkers moms friend. Do it.
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    Greenlee enters portal

    Only 3 “ifs” away from the tournament. Great.
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    End of Division I Sports as We Know It

    what are you talking about? Japan is on lockdown and they pushed the start back of their season.
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    If Pitino stays on to coach next year

    Can they make a change to the coaching staff. Conroy has been here the longest. Get rid of him and bring in Rick.
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    Miracles never cease, Davison suspended

    Bennett probably would have suspended him for 5 games and given himself a 1 game suspension. Best coach ever.
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    Official College Game Day Sign Ideas Thread

    Wisconsin votes for Trump.
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    Basketball v Utah

    Family thing came up (aren't ready to go with newborn) so my 2 tickets in section 117 row 16 and parking pass is available.
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    1 ticket for Iowa Needed

    I’m looking for 1 ticket to get my wife into the game. As inexpensive as possible because she will end up sitting by my season tickets. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Amelia No Longer Covering Gophers I think most here will rejoice.
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    2016 Intro Video

    I didn't see this posted, but please delete/move if it has been.
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    Halftime Show at North Dakota game

    Wanted to start a more positive thread. For those that attended the North Dakota game, where does that halftime show rank. I put it right up there with Red Panda. For those that weren't there, it was some performance dogs that won some season of Americas Got Talent. I thought it was pretty...
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    Gophers Mission Belts

    For any Gophers fans that are also fans of Shark Tank, Mission Belts released a line of NCAA belts. You can get a Gophers belt in maroon, yellow/gold, white (which everyone on here will hate...) and black (which everyone will also hate). You only need to get one complete belt as the buckle can...
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    Local Plans for the Bowl Game

    Does anyone know of any bars doing anything special for the bowl game on Friday? I remember Pourhouse having a viewing party last year.
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    2 LL Tix for UNO

    Need to get rid of my tix for the Nebraska Omaha game on Friday. Section 108, row 25, seats 1 and 2 on the aisle. Unobstructed seats. I fly out of town Thursday morning so need to get rid of these before then. Looking for $40 for the pair or beat offer. ---------------- Update. The tickets are...
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    All Things New Gopher Uniforms/Helmets Thread: UPDATED 1/20 with New Uniforms!!!

    I really liked the flat paint style helmets that oregon has used. I think it would be an interesting look in Maroon and it would be completely the opposite of the glittery helmets of today. Could be cool for a game or two during the year.
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