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  1. GoAUpher

    Golden Gopher Gridiron 2012 Trailer

    Just saw this pop up on FB: Will toss up a link once it goes live.
  2. GoAUpher

    Nice season preview from Bill Connelly over at SB Nation

    It will feel familiar to most folks (because let's face it, we're die hards and we've read a lot of stuff about the Gophers), but I thought it deserved a link because of his nice use of advanced stats while giving his review/predictions and the notable fact that he played the preview straight...
  3. GoAUpher

    Big 12 and SEC to start new bowl game to attempt to rival Rose Bowl.
  4. GoAUpher

    John L. Smith Named Interim Arkansas coach? Razorbacks NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Sorry Deltahog. That's a bad break.
  5. GoAUpher

    Big Ten, Pac-12 series still on solid ground? (WARNING: Brian Bennett article)
  6. GoAUpher

    Possible TCF Beer Garden that has U support?

    So says KSTP (key part bolded): Some corroboration of the U's support from another source would be good. Will see what I can find.
  7. GoAUpher

    Iowa's Marcus Coker Suspended for Insight Bowl

    If you are a fan of schadenfreude this is your cue to sit back, crack open a hoppy beverage, and enjoy.
  8. GoAUpher

    Hilarious: A Satirical Guide to Iowa City (from a Michigan blog) Some highlights:
  9. GoAUpher

    Very interesting breakdown of several key elements the MN/Iowa game...

    Yes, it's from Iowa blog BHGP. But it's also a good breakdown that had some interesting notes about our defense. Here's a sample: If you're someone who likes analysis of schemes and stats, this will be a good read...
  10. GoAUpher

    Gopher Undercover TV Series Premieres Wednesday on FSN More 3 Penny Goodness in the form of the longer TV specials that we were told about earlier in the year.
  11. GoAUpher

    Wilhite Presents Research As Part of McNair Scholar Program
  12. GoAUpher

    LSU to create and sell its own beer Awesome. Adding this to the list of reasons why I want to tailgate and see a game there someday.
  13. GoAUpher

    From FBT: Gopher X’s and O’s - Speed Option & Zone Read MV breaks down two elements of Matt Limegrover’s offense.
  14. GoAUpher

    B1G Blog: Michigan's AD on his brand If there was ever a school that could afford to rest on its laurels it's Michigan. Instead, they've got an AD who keeps looking at how his department can improve the Michigan brand. This is same thing that...
  15. GoAUpher blog entry on practice field/weight room upgrades
  16. GoAUpher

    Webisode #10 - Envisioning Success

    Great new webisode. Focuses in on Rallis and Beal and their "vision board" approach.
  17. GoAUpher

    Video highlights of Coach Kill on KFAN From the Gopher Athletics page.
  18. GoAUpher

    Academic casualty free?

    A bland, broad statement from Sid that seems to pass along good news. MV @ FBT reads this to mean that there were no academic casualties. His logic seems to make sense. There doesn't appear to be any other articles about this yet. Anyone read something different that I might have missed?
  19. GoAUpher

    Field Frenzy, Youth Clinic Dates Changed
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