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    He hasn’t proven in almost ten years, he is not going to get it together in two weeks.
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    Alcohol sponsorships

    Right before Pandemic. Park City.
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    Alcohol sponsorships

    I beg to differ. Had to order some olives just to get a beer. And literally could not find a place in Salt Lake City to watch a game with my teenage son. In fact, he wasn’t even allowed in the Marriott lounge. For breakfast.
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    Why Doesn't Rick Spielman Draft Golden Gophers?

    Where does it say all success = winning lottery?
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    Two time first team All MAC kicker Matthew Trickett commits!

    That effing WI game.... That effing MD game...
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    General Booty commits to Tyler Junior College

    Can’t believe General Booty went Juco.
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    St. Juste on Viking's Radar?

    It’s funny. I see thoughtful replies like this to a post I am unable to see because I blocked the poster you are responding to, Some Guy. I suggest you simply do the same.
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    Video: 30th Anniversary of "Send it in Jerome"

    Somehow I was able to remember he played for the Nuggets. Had to look up his five and five average though.
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    Kirk Ciarrocca out at Penn St

    Sometimes the grass isn’t greener.
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    List of Players Returning and Departing for 2021

    Give up a scholarship to grad school so someone else can use it? I mean.....
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    Gophers land former top-100 WR Texas A&M transfer Dylan Wright

    I’ll head over to The Vu and sniff around.
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    Empty Trophy Case... except BOBC

    Do you get invited to parties very often?
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    Season thoughts

    Wasn’t saying spot on to that, was saying spot on to people looking for moral victories. Good grief. That’s clearly implied. Reading comprehension much? You say spot on to opinions. Here’s to getting hung up on semantics. Cheers. You are awesome.
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    Season thoughts

    Holy smokes Einstein. “If they tilt their heads and squint their eyes, some posters can probably find another moral victory in there somewhere too!” “Spot on. In my opinion....” “You’re saying spot on to something that isn’t true...” I don’t know what else to say. Guy stated an opinion. I...
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