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  1. GopherVotary

    Back to 17 wins to be “completely safe” heading to BTT

    We may not make the NCAA tourney.
  2. GopherVotary

    Next Gopher Head Coach

    We need a coach that cheats. It’s the only times we’ve been relevant.
  3. GopherVotary

    What about Sam "I am" Cassell for Gopher Basketball Coach?

    He has a family to feed, you know.
  4. GopherVotary

    What will you miss about Richard Pitino?

    Seems like a classy guy and apparently runs a clean program, but the win/loss portion of his performance evaluation has been in the “needs improvement” column since year one.
  5. GopherVotary

    Seth Green in Transfer Portal

    Wish him well. The embodiment of a student-athlete.
  6. GopherVotary

    Ok Built, you are right. We need a new coach!

    Hiring someone based on his father’s resume’ may have been a mistake.
  7. GopherVotary


    A run in the NIT will merit an extension!
  8. GopherVotary

    East River Flats Shoreline

    Float the idea by them and see if it holds water. But don’t make waves.
  9. GopherVotary

    Next Gopher Head Coach

    We need a new coach.
  10. GopherVotary

    Who is your "Home Run" hire?

    Jimmy Allen. The next great hire from West Point, like Knight and Coach K.
  11. GopherVotary


    I wish I was upset. But this was just so predictable that I just have no reaction to this loss.
  12. GopherVotary

    What is Gopher Basketball known for?

    Maybe we should start doing the opposite.
  13. GopherVotary

    What is Gopher Basketball known for?

    OSU brawl. Probation. Madison sexual assault. Gangelhoff.
  14. GopherVotary

    P.J. Fleck ‘committed’ to Gophers, sees outside interest as a ‘compliment’

    He still has fluorescent teeth, so he must still be married to the dentist.
  15. GopherVotary

    All Things 2020-2021 Minnesota Twins Off-Season Thread

    Colome is a nice addition. Rogers should make for an effective lefty set-up guy.
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