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  1. Roy Christensen

    FWIW Roy Christensen

    I have concluded that I am no longer comfortable associating my opinions with the man who brought the magic of Gopher BB into my life . I will create a new account titled Emil or Emil1 or whatever. I greatly admire Emil Torday. For those of you who admre my wisdom, disparage my ignorance or...
  2. Roy Christensen

    Tubby says Al turned ankle

    On post game radio interview. Also Austin had the flu.
  3. Roy Christensen

    What is happening to our kids?

    We now have to put ads on TV telling our kids to go outside and play. Do kids need to be told to turn off the TV and play instead. Is the TV the means which we need to communicate with our children. Another ad urges kids to eat fruit and vegetables. Where are parents. Are we raising a generation...
  4. Roy Christensen

    Some nice plays

    The beauty of ESPN3 is being able to watch the replay of the game. There were some great plays by the Gophers tonight. Coltons "teardrop" jumper. The beautiful drive up the seam to the basket by Nolen. Maybe the best was Nolen's acrobatic pass to Joseph saving a ball out of bounds. Joseph drove...
  5. Roy Christensen

    Black Friday
  6. Roy Christensen


    I am excited to see what Mav can do Monday. Chip, Big Mo and Austin have all looked good. Is it Mav's turn to shine?
  7. Roy Christensen

    This year's team

    This coming season is when we should see just how good our current coaching staff can be. I was very encouraged by how this past season ended. Here is what I hope to see: 1. Colton picks up where he left off. He challenges everything inside and controls the middle, blocking shots and getting...
  8. Roy Christensen

    Powers on Tubby "Friday's rumor came courtesy of, which cited a trusted source. But they just don't make trusted sources like they used to. " That pretty much says it all.
  9. Roy Christensen

    St Mary's taking out Nova

    The Gaels are up 5 with 30 secs left and they have ball. The color on my TV is off. It looks like 5 white guys on the floor for St Marys.
  10. Roy Christensen

    Texas goes down

    Can't believe Wake pulled that one out. Wow
  11. Roy Christensen

    Who wants to play this team

    The Gophers have captured lightening in the bottle. The bubble has burst. THis team has stepped up and become the force we expected when Tubby came on board. Yeah! Nobody wants to play the Gophs right now. Must be hottest team in USA
  12. Roy Christensen

    Fat Lady Sings

    CBS left the game for Wash/Cal. Game over:)
  13. Roy Christensen


    Lift your glass to the Gophers.(mine has CC). Here is to putting it to IZZO's Spartans in OT after losing Colt and DJ. CHEERS:):D:clap:;):pig::cool02:
  14. Roy Christensen

    Stream MSU

    Here is what I am trying. Password gus
  15. Roy Christensen


    Is Iverson going to take over this game. He looks good!
  16. Roy Christensen

    Success or not so much

    For me as a "big Gopher fan" the highlites of last season were the victories over Louisville and Wisconsin x 2. The loss that was really difficult to digest was Michigan in the Barn. I wasn't so concerned over the post season. I feel the same this year. The victory over Wisc put me on a high...
  17. Roy Christensen

    Lift your glasses

    I would like to propose a toast. Heres to the Gophers stickin it to Wisc on National TV. Salut!
  18. Roy Christensen

    Welcome to NIT- Doogie
  19. Roy Christensen

    What I admire about Royce

    1.Since making a series of knucklehead moves Royce has been a target. He has been suspended from the team and from doing what he loves and does best. He has been the object of ridicule and scorn. He has recieved glaring attention from the media. He has taken shots from all sides but yet has held...
  20. Roy Christensen


    You may enjoy this.
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