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  1. GopherVotary

    East on the rise?

    It’s been four years since the Legends and Leaders divisions were scrapped and the B1G went to purely geographical divisions. The first three years were pretty evenly split regarding crossover games (including championship games), 27 wins for the East and 25 wins for the West. However, this...
  2. GopherVotary

    Nebraska Tickets

    Looks like the ticket office has released some more tickets to the Husker game. Seats are available in the preferred sections for $150. Seems like an appropriate price, considering the demand.
  3. GopherVotary

    Additional NDSU tickets made available

    SIAP, but I see the ticket office has finally released the remaining tickets to the NDSU game, including what looks like plenty of seatbacks. At least they look like they are priced right - $70 for seats that would require $250 donations (if bought as season tickets), and $90 for the $500...
  4. GopherVotary


    I donated my tickets for tonight's game to Tix for Tots. Now I'm concerned I'll be charged with child abuse.
  5. GopherVotary

    Vikings stadium bill already on life support

    What a shame. Although the seat license idea is intriguing. A true user fee financing concept.
  6. GopherVotary

    Twins sign Thome

    Nice bullet added to arsenal. Too bad he doesn't hit from the other side.
  7. GopherVotary

    Big John Clay....

    fumbles the game away.
  8. GopherVotary

    ? for Bayfield

    Two weeks ago you posted that the NW game was an 11 AM kickoff. What was your source? I still see TBA listed for the NW gametime on the various Gopher schedules (ESPN, BTN, Gophersports) that I've seen.
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