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    Mike Max: ‘Auburn’s Speed Might Be A Little Bit Much’; biggest problem "self doubt about do we belong with the big boys"

    A lot of people THINK he’s a pompous idiot who doesn’t know squat. It’s great though when he opens his mouth and ENDS ANY DOUBT!
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    We used to get the reactions from some of the Minnesota recruits after games like yesterday's. Haven't seen any for a while. Any particular reason? It sure would be nice to hear an update on what this season, the streak and other recent games have had on their thoughts about Minnesota.
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    Old News

    Can somebody explain why the Pioneer Press has reposted an old story from last year in the Gopher's section. It deals with the suspension of Minnesota's old recruiting coordinator Berezowitz and the recruiting of Henderson. It was written last May and has no relevency now. Doesn't anybody there...
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    Sorry for this duplicate thread. I didn't realize that a thread had been started earlier on this same subject. I think that the thing that will e the most interesting going forward is the make-up of his staff. It doesn't sound from his interviews that he is locked in on bringing his entire...
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    What the Hell is that BAnner doing on the front page?

    Who's dumb ass idea was it to put that banner on the front page? A member of the Wisconsin Athletic Department? What do you think that looks like to any possible recruits visiting this page. This is a gopher site, for gopher fans. Slamming your own team like that is BS!
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