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    UNDERAPPRECIATED GOPHER COACH OF ALL TIME. TUBBY SMITH........most overrated coach of all time. So nice to see a team improve during the year. Under Tubby we would be going down the tube, and the players would have quit playing by this time of year.
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    Playing Solitaire till dawn

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    Nice stat line from Purdue game

    Apologies if this was posted somewhere else. Assists.....17 Turnovers...7 Blocks........7 Steals.........9
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    LIU Brooklyn

    LIU Brooklyn is located at the intersection of Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues (across the street from Junior's restaurant)
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    Reusse's Turkey of the Year

    Who are the early favorites?
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    Holy Moly....When did this forum start?

    Do you guys have any idea what it's like to live under a rock?
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    Vikings vs Eagles Game Thread

    ........and it's Official!
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    Vikings vs Texans - Game Thread

    First day game from new stadium. Adam Thielen early score... 7-0 Vikes
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    Vikings vs Giants: Monday Night Football Thread

    Sorry no Don, Frank or Howard. I'll pick the Vikes by 13......not sure on the spread.
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    All forums/threads show as read. If I add a post the thread shows not read....with just my post not being read. On the line just below 'Forum...Articles & News..etc...there are two lines that overlap. What can I do?
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    John McLaughlin dead at 89, hosted 'The McLaughlin Group' since 1982
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    Odd times at NDSU:
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    Is The Barn Magic Back?

    Feb 18 Men take down #6 Maryland. Feb 24 Women take down #5 Ohio St.
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    Pitchers and catchers reported today......SPRING IS HERE! TIL: Twins lineup card is a clean sheet in Paul Molitor’s eyes
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    Gym floor splinter impales Wisconsin basketball player
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    Rachel Banham, the WNBA draft and the Minnesota Lynx
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    Gopher AD Search Committee

    Who should be on the committee?
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    2016 PGA TOUR THREAD.....maybe/maybe not official

    I thought the weather in San Diego was always perfect..
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    Keith Richards Found Not Dead in San Francisco Hotel
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