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    TV tomorrow

    Could anyone kindly tell me who is televising our game tomorrow ?
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    Coach K out saturday after exposure to covid.

    Wonder if his back hurts.
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    West Virginia has great defender leave team

    Tshiebwe leaves team for good. In other news there is significant noise of more power 6 games being canceled tomorrow.
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    where did the Wi. MN roster thread go ?

    Can not find it ?
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    Gophers get BC in ACC-Big 10 challenge

    Match ups are set.
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    Best NBA game for him tonight.
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    Ohio State getting Malaki Branham today is a big move.

    Great class, Conference doing very well.
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    Stanford cuts 11 sports permanently.

    They will honor coaches contracts and scholarships
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    Max Christie to MSU.

    Love his game.
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    Morretti leaving Texas Tech

    Going to play professionally back home. Will try and track who else does this.
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    Voluntary practice for June is approved, details to follow on how many people, how many hours.
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    NCAA - KU

    NCAA has released it's report on Kansas.
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    2022 K. Blue

    Eastridge, just got his offer from Jeter who has a son that is one year younger. Larger schools are going to watch him this winter.
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    Can not remember or find who asked me to share some data but some may find this interesting. Will preface it by noting that many fans enjoy recruiting rankings. Here are the averages since Pitino started. NOVA-27TH NATIONALLY GOPH'S-46TH UVA-47TH UW-86TH. As i noted on several occasions ...
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    Danny Manning fired.

    This morning
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    Zeke declares

    Great prospect, versatile skills
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    Kansas recruiting event tonight

    Snoop dog making it rain and pole dancers. Not kidding.
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    247 interview with Coach Pitino

    Best reveal yet.
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