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    Anyone know about the ProAm Summer League at DeLaSalle?

    Mike Max featured Jamar Diggs a few days ago as organizing it, but nothing else appears anywhere...
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    When does Pulley Pro-Am start?

    It must be soon. Also, is it in Eagan again this year? Whatever anyone knows would be appreciated.
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    Reusse writes nice?!

    This morning's Strib has a believe-it-or-not nice article on Tony Oliva by Reusse. There is no hint of sarcasm, nastiness or any other Reusse tendencies in the entire article...just a complimentary picture of a man who in fact deserves all the compliments, and some well-deserved recognition for...
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    A scrimmage is a scrimmage, but...

    Last night was probably the best first scrimmage we have seen in years, maybe ever. It had its raw spots and miscues as expected, but the sheer talent and competitiveness made it fun to watch instead of the usual "oh, well, it's just a scimmage." Players are at different places in their...
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