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    Jerry Kill: “I’ve been known as a fix-it guy. We’ll see if I still have that title or get fired. I’m like anybody else.”

    I do wish him well however, guess I just will not get over the Fleck bashing, and he instigated it, that was very disappointing!!
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    Jerry Kill: “I’ve been known as a fix-it guy. We’ll see if I still have that title or get fired. I’m like anybody else.”

    Old and sad news. Nobody mentioned him wanting a sandbag schedule. Dropped North Carolina wanted to drop tcu old jer likes jer and I'm really tired of the guy and his job jumping. The most sensitive insecure coach minny ever had
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    STrib: Coach Lou Holtz was building Gophers into a football power. What if he never left?

    Fan wise they were packing them in with Holtz. I have no doubt he would have put Minny to a top 10 program. Beating Michigan and Ohio State is another thing. Make no doubt the man could recruit and coach!
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    I too had seasons then. Loved the Majic Man!!
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    JD Spielman

    I now believe he may be playing here.
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    honestly I don't care about Clay's recruiting. God bless him but can we move on. I like the direction of the program and the culture that is there. The past is the past lets look out the front windshield not the back window!!
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    2021 Minnesota Players

    Wish I had 1 dollar for every young kid that is the next superstar. That said good luck to the young man and his future.
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    Let's meet our new co-OC, Mike Sanford Jr (Matt Simon annouced as other co-OC)

    from everything I read this guy fits in. Not sure the 5th beatle (yost) would have fit in. Simon gets a raise everyone is happy!
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    Shooter with notes on Holtz, Warmath and Mason

    Fleck can be a legend here, I think Murray needs a statue outside tcf stadium room for more knowing Coyle he won't be going anywhere with big ten money and full stadium can pay him whatever they want
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    Kirk Ciarocca taking OC job at Penn St

    its a compliment to Fleck that guys are moving on. Remember Alvarez was Holtz coordinator (defensive) before going to Wi. Coaches move on from good programs that's the way it is
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    Official 2020 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    great get by Fleck, will move the class up too as he is a 4 star!
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    Signing Day Tomorrow!

    look for Joyner to sign!!
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