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    Hunter Jarmon signs with San Diego; forgoes senior year
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    dpodoll meet dpodoll11

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    Archie Miller

    That's who Reusse saying is the guy.
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    11am starts for NH & WM
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    One less Leston to kick around

    Leston Simpson has transferred to Stoneybrook. Good luck to him.
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    James Louis

    I say a tweet saying that James Louis did not appear at the team hotel for the beginning of summer camp for tOSU.
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    For all you who love jersey numbers
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    Russell Wilson under 6 foot =

    not gonna work in their offense?
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    Rallis Commit

    He's back according to a tweet by Travis Erickson.
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    Does Eure's exit mean playing time for a freshman at TE like Foster Bush or Drew Goodger? Does Moulton's addition signal that the coaching staff lacks confidence in the current group of receivers or are they just trying to assure they have enough depth? Same goes for QB. The staff must...
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    Dream team

    I had a really strange thought this evening about Tim Brewster's recent interview where he mentioned he's been spending time with Mangino and RichRod lately. Could it be possible they're planning on working together in the future when one of them, most likely RichRod, gets another head coaching...
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    Away Game Tickets

    Just thought I'd bring this up, since I'm planning on going to USC and maybe Northwestern. I emailed the ticket office about when their allotments go on sale. The response was season ticket holders will get an email at the end of May/beginning of June letting them know the prices, etc...
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    I watched NIU versus Temple and Toledo today. I think Gray is going to do well in this offense, especially if we can run the ball.
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    LA Bound

    Just made plans with a friend in California to attend the USC game. Let the Kill era begin!
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    More and more optimistic

    Brewster left the program in a shambles as an organization, but to his credit he left behind a solid core of players. If Gray can get anything going in the passing game we won't be push overs. If we can get a pass rush we'll win more than we lose. With our toughest conference games at home...
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    Maxx Williams

    Committed to Kill per Mike Max.
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    Rose Bowl

    I'm going to LA soon and I was wondering if there's a tour of the Rose Bowl?
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    I guess pantherhawl was wrong

    Mark Alt didn't dream of playing football for Iowa.
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    Estime 2 VT

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    Who commits first?

    My money is on Kenney.
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