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  1. Yah-E

    AWJr On The NFL Pro-bowl Ballot

    Go vote for our AWJr! Defense FS 🙌
  2. Yah-E

    Will Make Me Feel Better Today If...

    An Iowa loss (they’ll also be 0-2) A Penn State loss (they’ll also be 0-2) A Michigan loss (I can’t stand them) 😆 Please have more losses so Incan laugh more! Seriously, when Walker missed that chip shot, I laughed at the TV! What a joke.
  3. Yah-E

    Let’s go for a perfect season...0-9

    Yup...we’re there.
  4. Yah-E

    0-1 How feel you?

    I’m so tired of loosing to Michigan! Fucking pissed, irritated and disgusted with our D performance.
  5. Yah-E

    Kirk Ciarroca Sucking It Up

    Or is it Penn State sucking it up! IU about to be up by 10 after a pick....I can’t stop seeing KC thinks he had Tanner or something...Penn State looking like our Gophers when lining up on offense especially in passing downs. Truly tell you that we had much better talent than PSU. What are you...
  6. Yah-E

    Good or Not Good for Tyler Johnson?

    Looks like Antonio Brown will be the next hot WR that TB will be throwing to...our Tyler Johnson got some love when 1st and 2nd option WRs were injured but now with AB in the mix, will our TJ see the bench more? Upside, TJ will learn and rub shoulders against one of the best WRs in NFL...
  7. Yah-E

    Gophers Wins It In OT

  8. Yah-E

    Purdue Head Coach COVID 19 Positive

    Not good timing at all First coach in the Big Ten
  9. Yah-E

    Game Week Motivation

    It’s game week! My favorite rivary to be honest since I grew up in Michigan and I’ve always hated the Wolverines. Which ever team wins on Saturday night will get to keep the jug for THREE years (next time we play Michigan is in 2023). The most recent time we won was in Michigan in 2014 and...
  10. Yah-E

    #17, 19, and 22 All went down

    In a thriller fashion! Our Gophers ranking should get some elevation tomorrow and Monday. Great day (not Elite) of college football! two more weeks for elite edition! .
  11. Yah-E

    Tyler Johnson Thread

    Looks like TJ may be starting tonight! I’m calling it....he’ll have two TDs from TB 😄👍
  12. Yah-E

    Game 1: What Michigan-ers Thought

    Ventured over to the MGo forums to see how excited they are over there! Overall theme over there was they’re not happy to get us to start their season. Majority of them respects our Gophers 👍 check it out
  13. Yah-E

    2020 Sucks Because

    This will be fun! 😆 So many to list, but list just one reason why you also hate this year! I’ll start.... No college football 👎
  14. Yah-E

    College Football Will Be Postponed

    I’m so disappointed Power 5 Commissioners met tonight in an urgent emergency meeting and sources are saying all over that BigTen will announce 2020 Fall Football will be postponed tomorrow! 😫 Life sucks, this world sucks, FU COVID!
  15. Yah-E

    What's your "Priority Points" Ranking - Part 2?

    There was a thread/poll back in 2009 when the Priority Points were first introduced, but that thread was closed. Now in 2020, I believe the points system had been tweaked for a while now. I was just recently made aware of this Gopher Point / Priority Points ranking system that Gophers...
  16. Yah-E

    2020 Wisconsin Might be 3-2 When Facing Us

    So I was looking at our 2020 schedule, on Michigan's schedule and realized that Wisconsin plays Michigan before us so I decided to look at Wisconsin's schedule. Man, they play Michigan and then Notre Dame before they play us. The West is definitely looking good for us this year. Hope we have...
  17. Yah-E

    The Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread - Gophers Edition

    I was disappointed last night to not see our Gopher, AWjr get selected in Round 1, was hoping that he would get picked up. Can't say I'm surprised that he wasn't...but definitely disappointed. So, tonight will be the night in Round 2, right? It better be. Which pick number or team you think...
  18. Yah-E

    Football Lockers Sponsorship

    Have any of you done it in the past or doing it this year? It’s $1,000 to place a name of your choice in a player of your choice’s locker. Of course all of the starters’ lockers were taken. The ones were left to choose from to sponsor, I was debating between Mike Brown-Stephens or Mariano...
  19. Yah-E


    Learned a lot about the behind the scenes of our culture! Watch "2020 AFCA Kick Off Session" by Coach Fleck. What a great speech!
  20. Yah-E

    We Can Beat Michigan

    Looking ahead to our season this season to October 17, 2020 One of the HUGE games that I am looking forward to this season is to beat the crap out of Michigan and get our Jug back. Yeah,'s still 9 months away, but hey never too early to start trash talking about them Womenrines...
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