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    Ol/DL/LB next year

    WI beat us with their line play on both sides of the ball and their LBs. on both sides, they won the battle in the trenches. I'm encouraged for next year that our entire OL will/should return. DL and LB are question marks for me losing a few key pieces. To win games like today’s we’ll need...
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    BleacherReport profile on Faalele

    Also front page on, which can't hurt. WHAT IT'S LIKE BEING THE BIGGEST DUDE IN CFB
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    TTU vs UVA

    Good game so far! Two great defenses duking it out. Guy is an impressive player. Having someone like him on the team would’ve added 3-5 more wins for the Gophs this year I think. Culver for Tech is off. The only two games I’ve seen of his this year were this and the MSU games, and he’s...
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    MSU vs TTU

    Tech’s defense is amazing. Wow. MSU playing scared. When McQuaid is the best player on their team tonight, there’s issues. Their front court didn’t arrive at all tonight.
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    Some positives

    Being the eternal optimist that I am - here's a few things I'm seeing that makes me think brighter days are on the horizon: - Lair is looking like he's going to be a great TE - Eskridge is running with a chip on his shoulder and is breaking tackles and getting positive yardage (unless he's...
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    3rd quarter fumble

    I have seen a lot of awful calls blown by officials throughout my years - but that may have been the worst ever. The guy catches the ball - gets hit immediately, and fumbles during the tackle and it's called forward progress. Wow ...
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