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    Game Stream?

    If anyone comes across a video/audio feed, please post, thanks. I've checked all the usual sites (myp2p, atdhe, channelsurfing), nothing yet. BTN games are usually locked down.
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    Why We love Gopher Basketball

    Amid all the ridiculous cynical discussions on this board right now, I would like to refer back to our own Gopher Lady and her 1st Star Trib column. Thank you for reminding us: Let's all have a...
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    Early warning list Interesting article. He does include the caveat that we haven't played at full strength. I expect us to improve.
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    Going to a Gopher game

    Considering that I'm living in Europe this year and have to settle for spotty online video and radio feeds at 2am for most games, I'm looking forward to my one and only game in person this season vs mighty SDSU. I think I'll go with the 'pretend we're 19 again' route, since we still look the...
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    Siena Highlights

    Wasn't able to see/listen to the game last night. You can't stream most things overseas that you can in the States... If anybody finds video highlights could you post the link? Thanks-
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