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    Credit to previous staff for academic progress

    Well written by Reusse. The academic progress for which Coyle lauded himself Wednesday started long before he was hired. In football, Jerry Kill dug the Gophers from the academic (and competitive) hole into which they had descended. Coyle and his new coach, P.J. (Windy) Fleck, have continued...
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    Leadership has to believe first...

    I think Kill, Claeys, and staff did a great job setting a new direction with a strong foundation, brick by brick, over the last few years. Their work was needed and added great value. With that said, after being upset about Claeys being let go, I have come around to it really is probably the...
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    Pioneer Press agenda?

    What is their agenda? In their article about Freeman not pressing charges they once again state that 10 players had sexual contact with the girl while others watched, cheered... There is no evidence that ten players had sexual contact, yet they continue to push that message. Sent from my...
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    I wish one reporter...

    I wish one reporter, or columnist, in this town had the courage to come out and speak out on behalf of the players who were not involved in the situation that lead to suspensions. Clarify that they are not a team of 100+ rapists, and that the vast majority are great young men. Some of the...
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    Support for the team

    My hope is the team goes out and plays well tonight. As much as Mitch has driven many of us nuts with his up and down play over the years, he has represented the team and university well. This representation is true by the vast majority of the young men who will take the field tonight - they...
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    7-2. Positioned for a fun final three games.

    The Gophers are 7-2. People really hung up with who they have beat and how. They are still 7-2. MSU got beat by Illinois yesterday. Iowa beat Rutgers 14-7. They got beat by NDSU and were crushed by PSU yesterday. Wisconsin barely beat Georgia someone, and all their wins but one against teams...
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    Rutgers 2 Tix for Sale - Need 4

    I have two good tix in section 137. Need 4 as have bigger group. If you have four let me know and we can make a deal. If you don't have any and just want the two let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fowler and Herbstreit

    Their comments near the end of the game were so typical. - OSU doesn't play a tough schedule. The topper to this though was when they suggested the Big Ten should do a better job matching up division games, and have OSU play Nebraska, WI, Iowa, or Northwestern. Instead, they are playing a...
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    Need some help - want to watch game Saturday during a meeting

    I'm going to be stuck in a meeting for the first half, maybe into the second half, of the Michigan game Saturday. The one time I would like us to be on BTN or ESPN we get ABC. ABC doesn't seem to have a reliable stream like the others. Anyone have any idea how I can stream the game during this...
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    Big Ten Tourney

    My wife and I are debating heading down to the Big Ten Tourney next week. There are a bunch of tickets on StubHub, and it looks like they sold All-Session tickets last fall. Anyone know where The U block of seats are in the Fieldhouse? I'm not sure how that works. I would rather sit among a...
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    Tubby will be fired this morning...

    Not sure how I feel about this, but have heard that Tubby will be fired this morning.
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    Let's Go Gophers! Sweet Sixteen

    We are still in the tourney. We have a chance to get back to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in years (who cares how many years - let's not argue about it). I would love to see our guys celebrating a win, and then let the coaching chips fall where they may. Let's have a discussion about...
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    Generational views... ?

    I've been thinking a lot about the many comments I see from people on here -- our own fans and others -- who don't think we can compete. If we focus on the years since Clem left, there isn't a lot of great evidence that we can. However, for those of us who are forty or over still picture a...
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    UNI - Playing Badgers Tough

    I can't imagine they will win, but 26-21 with 5:00 left is putting a scare in WI. We didn't look great Thursday, but a win is a win.
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    Duane celebrating win on field!! Check it out

    Caught this on iPhone on the field after the game. Not the best quality, but Duane's enthusiasm is classic as he leads a Who Hates Iowa cheer. He played so hard, it was great to see his smile after all he's been through in this program. He's on at about the 40 second mark. I didn't know how to...
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    Gray played great! To all you those who gave up on him so quick, at least give him his props today.
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    A little help. Any way to watch game online?

    Anyone know if there is any way to watch the game online?
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    "This is a great job..." Coach Kill. I'm looking forward to seein him coach

    Last night I was disappointed. After hearing Coach Kill today I'm very positive. He seems excited, confident, and has a clear vision for what he wants to do. How refreshing is that? I felt exactly the opposite a few years ago. He's been a winner everywhere. Why not here? Good luck Coach Kill...
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    One man's opinion - Parrish has The U ranked 7th

    Cool to see... The Top 25 (and one) will be updated on the college basketball page shortly. Here's how it will look: Duke (3-0) Michigan State (2-0) Ohio State (3-0) Pittsburgh (5-0) Kansas State (3-0) Villanova (4-0)...
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    Restaurants/bars with game?

    So, I can't get the game at home through my ISP. Anyone know where they will be showing the game? I called Senser's and they don't know if they'll have it on yet. Haven't called anywhere else yet.
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