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    Freshmen learning defense

    I need some help here. Time and again, we recruit guys who don’t play as a freshman. The typical reason speculated here is that they can’t play defense and thus are a huge liability. My questions: Is it really so difficult to learn to play man defense at the college level? Is it vastly...
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    Place Kicker Importance

    I’ve always been puzzled by the lack of emphasis/focus in recruiting directed toward place-kickers. It wasn’t long ago that place-kickers were primarily walk-ons (no scholarships). Now, it seems like a few scholarships are handed out. In the pros, a 4th-round draft pick is considered to be...
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    Offense and basketball “plays”

    Calling on the Gopherhole basketball gurus for enlightenment. I’m a HUGE Gophers fan who understands the game pretty well. However, I don’t understand offensive philosophy or “plays”, other than a basic pick ‘n roll or ball screen. Some games, it seems like we move the ball and players...
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    Streaming of today’s exhibition?

    Anyone know if there is a way to watch today’s game against WI Green Bay? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Defending Happ

    Curious to hear all your thoughts after watching the MI WI game last night: I thought the reason we lost the Wisky game was our decision to not double Happ in the post late in the game. I assume that was out of respect for their three-point shooting. Happ just ate us alive. Now after...
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    Importance of Shooting Touch

    My first post here. I would love to hear some discussion about the importance of shooting touch. First my thoughts: In general, shooting ability is a learned skill, and thus is teachable. However, like many things, it is best learned at a young age. It seems to me that most highly skilled...
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