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    U cuts men's tennis, gymnastics and track and field

    One example of skill level difference is the U.S. Women's World Champion soccer team lost to a Boy's U15 team from Texas 5-2. Another is the U.S. Women's hockey team losing 1-0 to Warroad H.S (with no checking) a several years ago. Sorry, but the physical skill level is not close.
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    Men's Track, Men's Tennis, and Men's Gymnastics Apparently being cut

    Will the demise of Men's track and field essentially cause the elimination of men's cross country because most cross country runners do track as well? If so, would they then need to eliminate a woman's sport to meet Title IX requirements? Just wondering...
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    Wake Forest to display emblems, ‘Black Lives Matter’ on helmets this season

    For the sake of this argument, black lives matter. On a national level Black Lives Matter as an organization strongly shows a Marxist/Communist bent. Read enough of their positions on their national/international website and that will be evident to you; providing you've read Marx and Lenin. In...
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    Iowa to discontinue four sports programs

    This may mean the loss of men's gymnastics as a Big Ten sport as I believe they were close to the minimum number of participating teams to be a sanctioned, if that's the right word, sport.
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    Iowa to discontinue four sports programs

    That is many more men's scholarships lost than women's scholarships. We're they not Title IX compliant?
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    Notre Dame and North Carolina COVID Outbreaks - When Does ACC Cancel Season

    Thanks for your comments. I said unlikely to be developed and I hold to that position. I hope we do develop a highly effective vaccine, and yes the world scientific community is working diligently to create one. Unfortunately, I don't expect a miracle type of "cure" anytime soon. I believe that...
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    Notre Dame and North Carolina COVID Outbreaks - When Does ACC Cancel Season

    Unfortunately, it's very unlikely that a vaccine will be developed to significantly eliminate this virus as scientists from both the public and private sectors world-wide have yet to develop one for any of the other related Covid viruses. That means that we will eventually have to accept some...
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    CFN: 2020 Minnesota Football Schedule Prediction (8-4, 5-4 in BT)

    I agree they could start the season well, but their last five games are a gauntlet. Also, back in the Gutey days, the Gophs lost to Pacific at home and beat Michigan in the Big House. Who knows???
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    Street and Smiths, Nebraska, I mean....

    Those writers need to go to rehab and counseling because they are certainly on something and have no sense of the realities of today!
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    All Things Paige Bueckers Recruitment Thread - Videos, Analysis, Tid-Bits, Articles

    She made her choice to go to UConn. While I'd never criticize her for that choice, I have no interest in watching her play at UConn.
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    Gopher softball 2021

    Something isn't quite right here...
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    Gopher Volleyball 2021 - Spring Season

    Related to BB player Steven Crowl who signed with Wisconsin?
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    I've Seen Enough

    Gopher BB teams during Pitino's tenure feels like the Gopher's football teams during most of Mason's years and Brewster's early years; where we're always hoping they'd be good enough to make a decent bowl game but it never really happened. It's much easier to turn around a college basketball...
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    2020 Depth Chart predictions

    Guys like Robinson, Hickson and Guthrie should be the next to stepup on defense as Juniors, but they've played very little.
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