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    STrib: Opportunities slip from Gophers' receivers grasp

    There were several plays that I thought were for sure pass interference while watching live and then didn’t look nearly as bad while watching the replay. The refs were letting the defense play with their hands a bit more than most games this season.
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    Ohio State

    While I agree that Ohio St is probably the best team in the country by some distance, it is dangerous to think that. The last team that I remember being hyped the way Ohio St is this year was Oklahoma in 2003. There was a lot of talk that they were the best team in the history of college...
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    Herbstreit houses one against the Gophers

    I did think that the M&M uniforms were the worst of all time. But then Iowa went with the feather uniforms the next season, which were even worse.
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    Clearing snow from the stadium

    And 3-5 inches of more snow forecast on Friday night into Saturday morning per I'm sure that'll change three times between now and then, but this could be interesting. My plan is to leave Duluth early Saturday morning for the game. I really don't want to have to leave on Friday.
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