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  1. golfing18now

    Does this help or hurt race relations in our country?

    I haven't read all the posts on the events in DC earlier this week but it seems for the most part the reactions have been pretty consistent on both sides of the political aisle. I for one never thought we would see the Capital overrun with idiots like we saw and congressional leaders huddled on...
  2. golfing18now

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays! to all my fellow posters (or is it fellas and comrades?) that might be sitting up waiting for your kids to go to bed. The OTB can be a nasty place but I always appreciate a good cheap shot from time to time even if at my expense. I also really enjoy the...
  3. golfing18now

    Poll: How many conference wins this year for the Gophers?

    Now that we have completed the non-conference portion of the schedule, how many conference wins do you think the Gophers will have prior to the conference tournament?
  4. golfing18now

    First 2020 Basketball Recruit to Verbally Commit

    Who do you think will be the first 2020 recruit to verbally commit to the Gophers?
  5. golfing18now

    For The Math Dorks Like Myself

    As a follow up to the back and forth I was having with ethomasp31 on another thread, I was curious how many more wins the Gophers "should" be able to accumulate in their last ten games. It really is alarming how little respect the ESPN Basketball Power Index gives the Gophers. In their last ten...
  6. golfing18now

    Number of Big Ten Conference Wins

    Now that we have seen most of the non-conference schedule, how do you feel about the state of the Gophers basketball team? How many total wins will the Gophers have in conference prior to the conference tournament? 20 game schedule, currently 1-1 in conference
  7. golfing18now

    Richard Pitino please

    Put me in the camp of posters that actually are pretty happy Richard Pitino is our coach. I actually thought last night was one of the better coaching jobs he has done. The Gophers looked dead in the water during the first half and were not scoring effectively. Credit to them for making...
  8. golfing18now

    How many conference games will the Gophers win this year, pre-tournament?

    Now that we've had a chance to see this team perform a few games, how many conference games do you think the Gophers will win this year prior to the conference tournament?
  9. golfing18now

    2nd 2018 Verbal Commitment

    Who do you think will be the next 2018 Gopher target to verbally commit to the Gophers?
  10. golfing18now

    Number of Big Ten Wins -- post pre-season edition

    Now that we have seen the majority of the non-conference games, I'm curious about the extent to which expectations have changed leading up to the conference slate of games. A similar poll at the start of November averaged 7.8 conference wins with 85 voters. How about now? How many...
  11. golfing18now

    Number of Big Ten Wins -- pre-season edition

    How many games do you think the Gophers will win in the conference schedule (before the tournament)? I'll probably do another poll right before the conference schedule to see if perception has changed. Hopefully we avoid another disastrous season.
  12. golfing18now

    Wins In Conference Season

    Now that we have seen the good and the bad during the bulk of the non-conference schedule, I'm curious about the number of games that others predict the Gophers will win in conference. (pre-tournament)
  13. golfing18now

    Konate Out A Month

    Fun starts already..... Minnesota's Bakary Konate, expected to start at center for Richard Pitino's basketball team, is expected to miss a month because of a stress fracture in his foot. A source said the 6-foot-11 sophomore was injured during practice. The Gophers open their season Nov. 13...
  14. golfing18now

    Who Will Be The Second 2016 Gopher Commitment ?

    I enjoyed seeing the responses last year to my poll questions regarding the next Gopher commitment, so I thought I would try again this year. If I recall, we had all four commitments by Labor Day last year. Who will be the next commitment this year?
  15. golfing18now

    Conference Wins

    I'm having a hard time trying to decide how many conference games this Gophers team will win. I'm curious what others think.
  16. golfing18now

    Who Will Be The Fourth 2015 Commitment

    Feels like the next domino might fall pretty soon with all the momentum we have seen so far. Will this be our final commitment for the year or will we sign five as many have suggested? A fourth poll.... Nwankwo was second place money in the last poll.
  17. golfing18now

    Who Will Be The Third 2015 Commitment

    I didn't think we would have two commitments before Labor Day but it's been a good summer! I'm curious if others think the two local guys will fill out the class or do we see other possibilities as being more likely? A third poll....
  18. golfing18now

    Who Will Be The Second 2015 Commitment?

    Dorsey was probably the third choice in the last poll before all the nonsense votes today. Let's try this again and hope for some more good news!
  19. golfing18now

    Who Will Be The First 2015 Committment?

    Frustrated by the dead period that we seem to be in....just curious who others think will be the first to commit to the Gophers? (how do I fix my spelling error in the thread title?)
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