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  1. BuckyGopher

    STrib: Potential starting lineup for the Gophers men's basketball team in 2020-21

    If Carr returns as anticipated and Robbins is granted immediate eligibility...this will be a very nice team!
  2. BuckyGopher

    Question Taller guy in this video mbakwe?
  3. BuckyGopher

    Good f'n day today

    Good today to see alma mater win and keep the momentum to the tourney! Makes it sweeter that my skunks (as y'all call them beat Maryland as well). Now just need Browne to beat up on Lewis in main event of UFC Halifax and my weekend will be complete!
  4. BuckyGopher

    All Things 2018 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Humbled? Doubt it, kid is so freaking arrogant. He is also very old for his age. Kid does work hard but is just limited athletically; you will be hard pressed to find a kid with a better handle on the ball. I am just not sold on him yet, obviously Pitino is.
  5. BuckyGopher

    Nick Noskowiak, Sun Prairie (Wisconsin)

    Don't know if this was posted already but looks like MN is in last 4. I know that we are already stacked at the guard spot but NN would be a solid land. "Cal, Southern Cal, Minnesota and Virginia Tech will continue to bird-dog Noskowiak. Noskowiak visited USC last weekend. Virginia Tech is...
  6. BuckyGopher

    The Goods and Bads from the 1st game.

    Goods: -played and stuck with a final four contender in Lousiville. -Morris seems to be aggressive and not shook playing against a top team like Louisville even though he did not play all that well. Still a positive in my opinion and he will only get better throughout the year. -Hollins looks...
  7. BuckyGopher

    Jerelle Deberry

    I am not sure if there has been much talk about him over here but the Gophers are showing interest in him. He only has offers from local mid major schools (he is from Milwaukee) but he is climbing Rivals list and recently came in at #147. I assume he will continue to climb because he is having...
  8. BuckyGopher

    Remaining games, B10 tournament, and NCAA's...

    18-8, 6-7: Feb 20 @#18 OSU 7:00 PM ET W 19-8, 7-7 Feb 26 vs#1 IND 7:00 PM ET L 19-9 7-8 Mar 2 vsPSU TBD W 20-9, 8-8 Mar 6 @NEB 9:00 PM ET W 21-9 9-8 @ enters the top 25 Mar 9 @PUR 12:00 PM ET W 22-9 10-8 remains in the top 25 Big Ten Tourney Gophers go 1-1 and end regular season at 23-10 11-9 in...
  9. BuckyGopher

    Anders Broman

    Hello all, wondering if U of M is looking at this kid at all? I know he plays against bad opponents but he has put up some huge numbers. I looked at his yahoo sports profile and it says that there are a ton of D1 schools with "medium" interest but no Gophers. Is he just another player from MN...
  10. BuckyGopher

    Alec Brown

    Did Tubby recruit him at all or was he a kid that went under the radar of everybody? I would imagine he did since he went to the lowly UW-GB, how good was he at winona? has him as a first round pick in the 2013 draft.
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