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    Bad News on the Covid Front

    Andy Greder Tweet
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    Gophers #25 in ESPN Power Index

    College Football Power Index 2020
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    Rankings Question

    Now that the Big Ten season is back on does that mean Big Ten teams can be included in the AP and coaches polls or do we have to wait until the season actually starts?
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    Big Ten Football Season Expected To Proceed – Without Michigan, Michigan State

    Big Ten Football Season Expected To Proceed – Without Michigan, Michigan State
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    The Previous Gopher Squad to win 11 or More Games

    The 1904 team won 13 games, so I guess that's the next millstone, to match or top that.
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    Limegrover let go at Penn St.

    Confirmed: Penn State football parts ways with offensive line coach Matt Limegrover
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    Would a win against Auburn be bigger than the Penn St. win?

    Auburn New Year's Day Bowl Game Auburn better than Penn St. End the season on a positive note Penn St. Every Big Ten win is bigger Penn St. better than Auburn Gophers undefeated at the time
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    Gophers #7 in USA Today Rankings

    USA Today Rankings
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    Last Gopher Squad to go 9-0

    Just for fun, here's some history on the 1904 Gophers:
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    ESPN: Inside Minnesota's game-changing Saturday

    This is at the top of the ESPN College Football page right now.
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    Believe it or not Nebraska could still win the West
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    So they say you can hardly give away tickets to our games?

    Just perusing the ticket supply on StubHub for the game at Northwestern. There are literally hundreds of tickets for sale at $6. That's cheaper than a high school game. The most expensive ticket I can find is just $76. And I'm sure there are plenty of ticket giveaways and donations there too, so...
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    Possible sanctions coming? (satire)
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    My Defective Yard Flag

    One side looks great and the other is pure evil.
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    Missouri Buzz

    Looks like the Tigers are losing their longtime DC, Dave Steckel, as he takes the head coach job at Missouri State.
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    Our Bowl Sponsor has a Contest

    Just pick all the bowl games right and win $1 million.
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    Here we go

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    So do we get two trophies next week?

    A nice little trophy for the West Division title would look nice with the Ax.
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    We survived to the final week

    When's the last time the Gophers were still in it this late in the season? 1967?
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