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  1. Winnipegopher

    Dale Hawerchuk- RIP

    Dale Hawerchuk passed away yesterday from cancer at the age of 57. Hawerchuk might possibly be one of the all time under-rated players in sports as he played in the wrong markets (Winnipeg AND Buffalo) at the wrong time (in his prime he was stuck in the same division as the Gretzky led...
  2. Winnipegopher

    and people think Toronto is boring...

    This is one of the weirder stories coming out of a very weird year.
  3. Winnipegopher

    Mother of the Year candidate?

    This is a pretty disturbing video but the part of the article that gets me is that the mother of the guy who kicked a 2 year old in the head actually defends his action. What is this world coming to?
  4. Winnipegopher

    Town Ball

    Reusse on Twitter (yeah, I follow him- I like his Twitter personality when he is not being a jerk) talks about Town Ball. Anyone go to games? I doubt I will be down in Minnesota for a while but I really like small town Minnesota and may try to take a few games in sometime. Is it good...
  5. Winnipegopher

    Horrific hazing allegations for Canadian junior hockey

    Former NHLer Daniel Carcillo alleges horrific hazing as a member of the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League. There have been lots of bad stories of junior hockey hazing (as well as racism against black players) but these allegations take it to a whole new level. Carcillo is a bit of a...
  6. Winnipegopher

    All things good dogs

    One thing we call agree on np matter the political leaning is that good dogs are one of the better things in life. Please post your doggie related material here. I'll start with this twitter thread on the recent passing of Rusty, Winnipeg's top canine celebrity. Rusty was a good boy. #RIPRusty...
  7. Winnipegopher

    Hockey's #metoo moment?

    Not sure if anyone is following this but the Canadian media is going nuts on toxic hockey culture. It started with announcer and hockey icon Don Cherry getting fired for accusing immigrants of not being patriotic. This led to backlash, both for and against Cherry and led to a number of...
  8. Winnipegopher

    Fleck thnaks Marchnig band prior to Illinois game

    Fleck sure does a lot of things right.
  9. Winnipegopher

    Dogs of 9/11

    A nice twitter tribute to the dogs who responded to 9/11. All good dogs.
  10. Winnipegopher

    Old article on Terry Pettis (Minneapolis high schooler/ Fresno State palyer)

    Since Fresno State discussion is all over the football board, I thought I would throw this out on the b-ball board. Below is a link to an article on former Minneapolis high school standout/ Fresno State basketball player Terry Pettis. For those around the Gopherhole in those days, Pettis was a...
  11. Winnipegopher

    Punting question

    Couldn't watch last night but the stat line for Herbers was 6 punts for an average of 34 yards with a long of 41. Should we be worried or was there a number of situational short punts?
  12. Winnipegopher

    Gopher in the CFL

    Just a short update on the Gophers in the Canadian Football league. Woli, Streveler, and Richardson all play for Winnipeg which makes it easier for me. Wolitarsky: Has 8 receptions and 3 tds in 3 games for the 3-0 Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Is becoming a premier "Canadian" receiver (he has...
  13. Winnipegopher

    St. Louis Blues send every full time employee to Boston for finals

    This is a nice story. I imagine no one outside of Boston will be cheering for the Bruins.
  14. Winnipegopher

    Stephen Richardson update- in camp with Winnipeg

    Fairly long and complimentary article on Richardson. I suspect he will do well in the CFL but it can be hard to predict which American players thrive. With Wolitarsky (starting inside receiver- slotback as they say in the CFL) and Streveler (back-up QB and used in a lot of situations), Winnipeg...
  15. Winnipegopher

    Open office? Yea or nay?

    I work in a field that has some need for privacy and for my whole career I have had a walled office. In my life, I run into many people who are forced to work in "Open Offices" (this can mean a lot of things but genrally means lower/ half cubicles and a lack of privacy- it is meant to foster...
  16. Winnipegopher

    One shining moment- Omersa

    Book it- Omersa playing air guitar on the sidelines will make One Shining Moment.
  17. Winnipegopher

    Go Bradley!

    Beat MSU! No shame in letting someone else knock off the #2 seed. That said, if the Gophers could do it, it would be great to see Izzo pitch a fit at post game press conference.
  18. Winnipegopher

    Man runs into burning house to save dog (go fund me)

    There is a saying that humans don't deserve dogs. Well this guy sure as hell does.
  19. Winnipegopher

    Matt Painter

    I was quite impressed with Painter in the post game interview. Very poised, very articulate and quite fair in his assessment. Asked about the out of bounds? Didn't see it personally, wasn't sure who it hit. Didn't seem upset by decision (unlike the BTN announcer who saw several magical touches...
  20. Winnipegopher

    Winnipeg Jets' Minnesota scout is a garbageman

    Neat story from the Grand Forks Herald on the Jets' Minnesota scout. He may pick some Gopherholers' garbage.
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